hello, friends, I got a ppt presentation task, and want to insert flash animation at the beginning and the end of the ppt slides. I'm a idiot of this kind of thing. Anyone knows how to do this?

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Here is a good tutorial:

I just tried it wit PPT 2003 and it worked fine. If you are using 2007 you might need to mess around a bit.
1. convert swf to avi
2. Choose Insert | Movies & Sounds | Movie from File? and choose the required video file.
The SWF would lose all interactivity if you did this. Would only recommend if it is a simple animation.
i think you would do it the same way you would a youtube video

Here is written instructions with a how to video.


Thanks for the info on how to insert flash animation in PowerPoint presentations.
I will need to give it a try soon.

I recently put together a PPT and included sound effects for different slides. It worked as I was creating it but had difficulty being heard by others who wanted to view it after it was created. Any ideas what to do differently in the future?
You have to include the sound files along with the powerpoint file. If you put them in the same folder as the PPT file and send the whole folder it will work.

On the original question, if you have Office 2007 then there is a wonderful addon that adds an "Insert Flash" button to your PPT toolbar. I found it by searching google awhile back. I just searched "flash addon for powerpoint." It works incredibly well and takes away the annoyance of using the Control Toolbox method.
I would recommend you have a look at tools like Raptivity Presenter (http://www.raptivity.com/presenter) and YawnBuster (http://www.yawnbuster.com). These tools help you include Flash interactivity in PowerPoint.
thanks guys, thanks very much.
Have you tried Sliderocket? PPT equivalent online, web based, no software needed. You simply upload your assets (photos, MP3s, flash (FLV) files, etc) and make the most beautiful slides with transitions. Access them with one link.
You may never use anything else. No I have nothing to do with the company just love the product :) You don't have to convert the FLV file, by the way. If you had an MPEG4 though you would need to convert it to an FLV to get it to work there. Try it out, it's free (at least for the first 30 days) and has discounts after for educators. www.sliderocket.com
the same problem as what I asked few days ago, you can put Flash animation into PowerPoint by adding a Shockwave Flash object, directly links or using third party add-ins. here is one tutorial introducing four ways to put Flash animation to PPT. Hope it can help.



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