Hello Classroom 2.0!
I would like to know if any of you has any suggestions as regards possible applications of Internet to the teaching of business English (to speakers of other languages of course) For example for adults preparing BEC examinations.
Thank you very much for sharing.

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I just forgot to ask, have you used any wiki or blog with your business english students?
thanks again.
Hello Nathan,
Please be more specific with your suggestion. I would like to know about your exoperience.
Perhaps this begs the question of how much technology access your students have.

I think creating a classroom dashboard is a start. Net Vibes allows you to do this--you could also just add in widgets you created on Google with RSS feeds. Or you could create your own customized Alltop. The last might be the quickest and easiest. I think this is helpful because it creates a shared place online and a place to interact.

You could even add a feed of your Google favorites or delicious favorites on a particular topic. This would allow you to customize the area.

You might allow/encourage your students to create their own Alltops based on their personal and professional interests.

I would initially experiment with business based blogs. You can of course encourage them to use:
a) a platform like Wordpress.org or
b) collaboratively post on a Ning network.

I would take a minute or two to look over the headlines at http://education.alltop.com/ or perhaps the Google results of "education 2.0 blogs"

Paula..I'm going to see if I can get some more results from the community here.
This isn't a specific answer to your question, however http://www.edutopia.org/ is pretty sweet for providing ideas and best practices. These more general ideas can be re-applied in the context of english, business, or something else which resonates with your students.
Thank you very much for your very useful suggestions. I will have a look and edutopia and try to apply some of the alternatives. Let's see what other suggestions I can get from the community.



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