Next year 2011-12 I am planning to have my students keep an online digital portfolio using google sites.  As I set up the sight, I am unsure about which template to have them use.  On their sight  they will have to blog, upload writing samples from google docs, presentations from google and MP3 files.  Can someone suggest which template will work best.

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If you're using Google Apps for education you can create your own templates and share them within the organization. That's what our district did. It features key elements we'd like students to contribute and the district logo.

Hi Fred,

Perhaps you want the students to create a template that matches the needs of the course.  If they work backwards from the year-end goal, they can create it.  Of course, the "template" may ultimately be a Google site with links to the various works they've created over the course of the year.  Here's to a great year for you and your students!

We used a template from the template Gallery at first. Then 2 years ago came up with our own template.

We set up a miniblog, file cabinet and webpages for each subject. The presentations, spreadsheets, etc we would embed from Google Docs into the webpages. MP3 get added as attachments or uploaded to the File Cabinets.









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