Google operating system? what will that mean for education?

Hi, Google offers some great online tools, blogger, Docs, Reader, Picasa, YouTube and more.
They are now introducing an operating system on netbooks in 2010.
I think this is great news for education as I posted in my blog yesterday.

I'm wondering what others think?

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I think it is potentially good but is going to have great trouble getting in the door. The biggest problem I see is the reliance on advertising. I don't know how schools will like having ads fed to their student computer screens constantly. Say what you want about Windows but it is controllable to a very large degree.

There is also, of course, the fact that so very many teachers are not tech-savvy and are, in fact, not just resistance to change but completely negative about it. I've tried sharing little free aps and those have been shot down. I can't imagine trying to sell a whole new OS!



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