How do you as teachers approach these types of issues?

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Although I am still in college obtaining my degree, I do have some experience with this kind of thing from working in youth at church and also having been a monitor on a school bus.  Sometimes, kid's issues between friends do seem petty to us.  But to them, it could be their comfort on the brink.  As far as drama, I personally hate walking into a room knowing people have been talking about me.  That is what they are going through at that moment, whether the reason for it may be petty or not.  Depending on the situation, it may work just to talk to them about friendship and what it looks like.  Having dealt with some....difficult...children it make take a bit more.  Upon occasion, I have had to take away everyone's right to something: talking, or a particular activity.  Even just taking these away for a period of time and letting the kids know, "because you are not treating each other with kindness, and cannot work together, you are losing this privilege" will make the kids ban together.  They don't want to be the cause of everyone else losing something too.  So, they will put the petty fight aside.  I never expected it to work, but I've actually had a child who was throwing punches and cursing me becoming frighteningly still and offer apologies in an amazingly sweet voice when faced with the idea of no talking on the bus for an entire week.

That's a great way to handle their drama; the consequence of not having the time to talk and share! My girls would loathe me if I took this away from them, especially during lunch/recess or any other social time. I am going to see how this might work when gossip seems to be dominating their conversations.


Thank you Charlsie.



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