After a 1 year absense to finish my Master's degree (which sadly was not focused on gaming principles in education) I'm back to my true interest. Two years ago I implemented an Achievement system in my classes. The rewards were badges (custom made stickers) that students put on their binders. My 7th graders, for the most part, loved it and bought in heavily. The problem was the amount of effort it took on my part to make it happen. Constantly printing new stickers and tracking student progress was a nightmare.

Fast forward to now and gamification has grown a ton - though more in marketing than in education. I'm looking for a site or app to manage the process. So far the most effective I've found is which works pretty darn well. I would like one with greater customization options, however.

I'm looking for a system that lets me specify the names and images of the achievements as well as (obviously) setting the criteria. I'd like students to be able to see their own progress at any time whether i'm logged in or not.

I've signed up for an invite to to try their system but have not heard anything back in months. If anyone has found a platform that works well (even if it costs money) I'd love to hear about it.

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You want to check out 3D GameLab (via Boise State's Ed Tech department). The system is in closed beta, but this August another "Teacher Camp" is opening, during which you will be trained with the system and gain access permanently to 60 seats for your students, a teacher dashboard and participation in all sorts of fun, cutting edge professional development. Also, the Teacher Camp provides training that is based on research on conducting lessons and rewards/achievements via badges in a sound, effective and appropriate manner (including how to assess, etc). 

There is a fee for the Teacher Camp, but the fee is understandable when you see the work put forth by the department and the financial commitment that must be taking place. They are working on licensure as an LMS as well. 

I participated in Teacher Camp, gained access to the seats and the dashboard, and I will be instituting badges, achievements, and awards with my Spanish IV classes this coming year.

If you want to see it in action, you are welcome to contact me ( and I can do a Google+ Hangout with you to screenshare the system. Otherwise, here is the main site:

I HIGHLY recommend this method to truly gamify your classroom. I think you in particular might enjoy it. However, keep in mind that any sort of gamification will take a lot of work upfront, but with 3D GameLab, once you have everything set up, your lessons/quests can be used again and can even be automated.

Best of luck! 


Catherine H Flippen

Doctoral Student at the University of Florida

Upper School Faculty at Mount Vernon School


Excellent, thanks!  I had heard of this actually since a friend of mine works in a district that is working with them but couldn't remember the name.

The somewhat frustrating part is that my master's decision came down to two schools with Boise State being school number two. Oh well!

Thanks Cat! The Boise info will be really helpful.

Jeff Mehring

Doctoral Student at Pepperdine University-Educational Learning Technologies

Ohkagakuen University, Japan


Great to see another Ed Tech doctoral student :) I'll be following you on Twitter!



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