My school district has just started distributing iPads to instructional coaches to support teachers who are struggling in their classes.  As an instructional coach, I was thrilled. 


So my question to all of you who are already using iPads, what sites would you particularly recommend to a coach who must meet the needs of every discipline on the campus?  I have found a few such as SHOWME, Dragon speak, MathCube--to name a few, but with each teacher comes a different request.  I would therefore love to put together a list of apps which come with recommendations from professionals such as yourselves.  The tool is quite innovative, but without support for teachers, it will just be another trinket that will gather dust.





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We have developed a site for our teachers using iPads:

One of the pages is an apps page outlining apps being used by staff.


We use GoodReader for annotating running records, Confer for conference notes, Dropbox for sharing files, Diigo for sharing resources, Whiteboard apps for drawing Rube Goldberg inventions in Science, Everyday Math apps, etc...

Thank you!  I want to provide teachers with as many resources as I can with the iPad2 to make sure that they use them effectively with ELLs.  Have you tried the "shared file" feature of Dropbox?  Do teachers like it?





Try Apps for Children with Special Needs   It has videos that show the app being used while it describes the app and its features.

That is a fairly broad brief but you might look at apps like Flipboard, Qwiki, Miriam-Webster Dictionary, Google Earth, Photoshop Express, Toontastic, Evernote, Dropbox, Scan, Kindle, Stanza, TED, Doodle Buddy. iBrainstorm, ScreenChomp, Slideshark, Zite, and Wunderlist. These are all free apps, but you may want to look into things like Pages, Keynote and Numbers for office applications.


After that, you will doubtless end up with more specific recommendations, but this might be enough to get you started.

I have a website that works well with the ipad.   Check out - play the demo game on the homepage to better understand how the software works.



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