Hi everyone! I'm running a community service project @ MIT trying to get kids to make videos about SAT Vocabulary BrainyFlix.com.

I was looking for some feedback:
- How long do you think the videos need to be? For learning words to be efficient and memorable? Should there be a time limit? You can see some examples @ the homepage.
- Why would teachers/students NOT participate? We were fortunate enough to land a corporater sponsor so that we can give out a small cash prize and iTunes. And making sketches is fun! So to us, this is a no-brainer. But if that were so, we would have a much better conversion rate of viewers signing up to be reminded to participate. Please let me know what people's hangups may be.
- Anything else you think could use improvement or addressing?

I look forward to hearing from you guys :]

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Hi Jack,
I am pretty sure that we'd love to participate.
I don't see the students until tomorrow.
I took a look at the rules and it sounds like we would have something to contribute.
We have a middle school and I work with a group of accelerated leaners.
We have the YouTube issue, but I think we can do an alternative.
Thanks for the invite!
June Kollar
John Paul II Catholic School
Houston, TX
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