Does anyone have a lesson plan using web 2.0 tool(s) theyʻve used with students addressing the calories/fat content found in Fast food restaurants theyʻre willing to share?


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I'm not much for formal lesson plans, but it seems to me that bringing a computer lab into class and having kids use google to find the nutritional content of their individual favorites. Perhaps, they could then develop diet plans to include their favorites in a more nutritional setting. The students would then publish their diet plans online and compare them in a closing sharing. You may want to do it first yourself so you can help the kids use a search engine to find the specific information. Perhaps the students will start the lesson by keeping track of everything they eat for a day and search the nutritional data on a day's diet.; The student product from the lesson will be an individualiized diet plan based on whatever nutritional recommendations are to be learned.


I will be interested to see what others suggest --- If such lesson plans are out there, I would like to post the link/s on Ed Synth and if not, it's a great idea for a lesson/unit plan that is scalable. hmmmmm.

We do an internet search on different fast food places where they must write down calories, fat, etc.  I will try and attach our sheet we use tonight.  It is a great site. It is very eye opening for the kids.



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