Has anyone used this impossible program? So many glitches on the programming end. We use it with mac and PC. It has been one BIG headache for the last three years. Does anyone have a better grading program?

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I am not familiar with GradequickWeb.... Our district uses IntegradePro with Edline. I tolerate the lack of flexibility provided with IntegradePro; I absolutely despise Edline. The only value I see in Edline is that it holds a link to my class blogs and that the district can claim that grades are online.
We got GradeQuick last year. Our administration told us it was great!!! They were wrong. I wish the people who make these decisions for schools would try these things out for a semester or so to see what it's really like, rather than rely on the word of a salesperson.

By the time we realized it wasn't very good we'd already spent too much money buying it and too much time training staff. We'll be stuck with it for awhile longer I fear.
We've had GradeQuick for six years and Edline for two, and I agree with everything that's been said.

The only encouragement that I can shed on the situation is that even though the problems may not have gotten fewer—we have gotten much better at recognizing what the problem is and can fix it faster.
This program was so awful that my district dumped it in favor of PowerSchool! What a difference. Fewer hassles, quicker loading, smoother interface, more information to parents. Check out PowerSchool.
We are in the process of switching from SASI and IntegradePro to PowerSchool. I have been to training for both the admin and teacher portions and don't see any major problems. All those in the teacher training (all tech-types) were very positive about it.
My daughter's school uses something called RenWeb. Can't tell you much about it, but it is something else you might look into.
Thanks, all input welcome
With PowerSchool are you able to enter grades from home?
Yes. GQ/edline is terrible. and when talking on the phone with customer service, they couldn't answer many of my questions. They pretty much said.. that's just thow it is.

I'm especially frustrated that they did away with C1 and C2 on edline reports. They did away with it w/o notification and when just getting teachers on board, they pulled the rug from under us.



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