Next year I am taking on a position in my school that has been dubbed C.A.R.D.S. or Curriculum At-Risk Data Specialist. This is a new position that has just been created. It is my job to take data from current assessments such as DIBELS, ThinkLink, and state standardized tests, distribute the data in readable form to teachers, help identify at-risk kids, and help find strategies to teach those kids. This is for reading and math. Also, I arrange mini-staff developments with me once per six weeks period for each grade level. (K-6) I will not be working directly with students, but mostly coaching teachers. Does this sound like anything that you do or have at your school? I would love to hear some ideas on organization, management and implementation of strategies that I suggest to teachers. Help!

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Hi Tamara, I don't know anyone who has this job, but I did notice that one of the nearby school systems has also posted this kind of job - called CARDS. I was also very interested in the subject because it seems to focus on curriculum development. I would love to follow you throughout the next school year to see exactly what you will be doing. If I find anything, I'll post it on the reply box.
Sorry it took me so long to reply, Stacey. I appreciate your comment. If you find anything else out I would welcome the input. I don't know of any other system who has this position. Most are called Reading Coach, Instructional Coach, Literacy Specialist...but mine also focuses on Math data. Would love to see how someone else does it! Thanks so much!
Tamra, What you've said sounds kind of like our Instructional Facilitator. This is our district webpage for the IF position. Our classroom teachers do a lot more work with her than I have as a technology teacher, but she has been a good resource for me also with some of our district initiatives, plus she has done quite a few whole staff professional developments. I'm sure I could find out more info and maybe connect you with her via email if you'd like. Just let me know. Email might be better than a reply here... I'm new to Ning and the forum. (Thanks for helping me find it btw!)



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