I would like to know of any Web 2.0 open source websites that students could use to develop digital stories.  I am not looking for software to purchase, rather websites that students could use to design stories.  Any grade level activities would be fine.  Thanks for your time.

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Hi Mel,

I work for Glogster EDU. We offer a web-based platform that allows students and teachers to design and create projects across the curriculum spectrum using multi-media drag/drop technology. It has been very well-received, especially at the elementary school level. If you are interested in learning a bit more about Glogster EDU, please visit our website www.edu.glogster.com or reach out to me directly leo.evriviades@glogster.com


Kind of elementary but cool and free. Compliments of Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh.
Try storybird.com. I've used it with second and third grade and they loved it. Very easy to use.
I agree with Cindy - Storybird is brilliant.

I put some links together for our staff here.
Wow, I was just on the Storybird tutorial. I am a college student and I can't wait to use this in my classroom. I really like the ease of the program and the catoonish and fun artwork that students can add to their own stories. I can see where many students would be inspired to write just from the artwork alone! Has anyone tried this in middle school writing and what were the outcomes?
Scholastic is having a Webinar on Wednesday Oct. 20th -- Lights! Cameras! Action! – How to Integrate Movie Making into Every... .

It looks interesting and its FREE.
You might want to check out my wiki http://socstudiestech.wikispaces.com/ Go to the digital storytelling page. You'll find various free tools you can use to create digital stories with examples and tutorials to get you started. VoiceThread, one of my favorites, is very user friendly and offers many features such as commenting by peers. Hope you'll find something you can use.
I took a look at your wiki, and you have compiled a lot of information in one spot. Do your students have access to your wiki and what grades are they? I noticed you have information on social bookmarking. Does using a bookmarking site like del.icio.us really save time?
I am an education major at a university and I really enjoyed reading the feedbacks. I have never heard of the term digital storytelling. I am looking forward to researching more into this topic discussion! Thanks for the ideas i'll be sure to keep this in mind when I become a teacher!



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