I have had some colleagues wondering about the ability to create customized vocabulary online or IWB games?  The customization they were looking for was to be able to insert their own definitions.  We do like Spelling City for spelling and vocab games with our own words, but they do not let us  put in our own definitions.  Any leads??

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What about puzzlemaker.com? That website you can make cross word puzzles and word searches, etc. Great website!
Here are some free games making sites that might be worth a look -good for IWBs and vocab games: http://www.contentgenerator.net/ (take a look at the free stuff)
http://www.education.vic.gov.au/languagesonline/ (you download and make your own)
Hot potatoes of course is also free and great for IWBs and you can make crosswords which could be good for word with definitions
This is pretty simple but pretty good too.

It is pretty simple, but my students love using it for review.

http://www.bubbabrain.com will have a fresh new look for the 2010 school year. I created the website so teachers could make games for their students.
Sounds good Darren. I look forward to seeing the new look.
I like using Quizlet.com You can put your own definitions and there are several different games the kids can play like space race and scatter.
I think if you join Spelling City, it allows you to enter definitions, doesn't it? It's pretty affordable, and lets students test out of lists, so you can get them through a years-worth of spelling words.
Try quizlet.com. It is free. It has flashcards, review, practice quizzes, plus several fun games. I use it for review purposes.

You should check out http://www.bubbabrain.com ---- works well on IWB and teachers can create their own games

Braineos is one of my favorites.  You can create your own online Flash Cards, would work great with Vocabulary.  Then you can take Multiple Choice Tests with them, play games with them, or simply practice them, all online.

Students cannot lose them, and you can easily share them on your school website.  Pretty awesome and simple site!


Here is my example of a a Braineos Review I made about Computer Hardware Vocabulary.  This is a practice multiple choice test.  If you click on the Arrow next to the title, you can see several other options of what you can do with my vocabulary!


sound good. I look forward to seeing the new version...



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