I'm creating a physics moodle course.  I'm wondering if there are any libraries of questions that can be imported into a course so I don't have to create them all from scratch.


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Some one had asked this a few months ago and I was so sure that it would be easy to find such a collection available free on the web. I searched off and on for several days and didn't find anything. I have a complete general physics Moodle course, but the quiz/exam questions are from our copyrighted text and I am not able to share them unless you are using the same text with your students. There is growing momentum from educators to move more and more to shareable, open source content and in 5 to 10 years such collections may start popping up quite regularly. I know that I get frustrated because of all the work to convert a paper-based, copyrighted course to a digital delivery platform is not that much less time than I would have spend creating the course from scratch. Converting paper-based quizzes to digital quizzes, making video for lectures, finding copy-right free images on the net for graphics within presentations, etc. If I had created it from scratch then I could have more opportunities to collaborate with other educators. As it is, my course is stuck behind a wall all the time. It wouldn't seem so frustrating if were turn key and my course was mostly the labor of another. But, converting a text to online delivery is hugely time consuming and all that work I put in essentially is not mine in the end due to their copyright. sigh.



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