I'm going to use this forum to demonstrate my students creative lesson plans.  These were devised given a set of Geography and Technology standards.  I'll use this area (forum) to have them display and share their hard work with the world.

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What a great idea!  Mabruk!  Congratulations!  Kudos!

Let's hope other faculties of education around the world follow your lead and share the many resources pre-service teacher-candidates work so hard to create during their training. 

Posting their work in a place like Classroom 2.0 will provide a global audience, greater access and hopefully ignite many conversations.

Looking forward to the shared content!

Hey thanks!  In a class about Technology Integration, it's sometimes difficult to give pre-service teachers authentic learning experiences when they don't quite have their own set of students to work with yet and this was one way I could attempt to give them a real audience - to examine their work.  Thanks!

This lesson is based around 2 technology standards and 1 Geography standard for 3-5 graders in the state of Tennessee. Students will be responsible for knowing how to manage PowerPoint, and the teacher will give assignments out to classroom groups to discover new ways to solve global issues based on technologies available in those regions.

Group members: Andrew Massie, Susan Cole, Cody Bauer, and Charlsie Welshin

this is the exemplar for our (Charlsie, Susan, Andrew, and Cody) "global issue" lesson plan.
This is our geography lesson plan on landforms and landmarks - Marissa Weber, Delanie Wolfe, Shannon Thomas, Whitney Gilbert.
This is the our geography exemplar for our historical landmarks lesson plan.  This is Marissa, Whitney, Shannon, and Delanie's lesson.
Lisa Branstetter, Emily Combs, Caylin Jenkins, & I decided to make a lesson over pollution. We would have a list of cities that our students' would be allowed to chose from. They would then have to do a little research on the pollution in that area and the possible solutions to those problems to place on their poster in a word document.



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