China Week - Have you considered China as a teaching destination?

International teaching is a popular topic amongst teachers looking to combine travel and work or teachers who have a strong curiosity for different cultures and want to work with diverse students. This week, at Edvectus, we are celebrating China Week. We throw this type of themed events once in a while to help our teachers navigate the many options that exist out there for international teaching, inform teachers and dispel myths of a specific region or country.

So here is a quick summary of the top 3 reasons China is a wonderful destination for teachers:

1)      Saving potential

China has a low cost of living, lower by up to 40% compared with some Middle East destinations such as the UAE. The salary packages for expat teachers are very generous at international schools and the compensation includes benefits such as housing, flights, medical insurance, visa costs, tuition for children and more!

2)      Travel

China has a well-developed transportation system made up of railways, international/national airports, long distance buses and subways that will ensure you have easy access wherever you want to go in the city or outside the city for travelling. There are countless historic and natural sites in China given its long history of 4000+ years.

3)      The locals

Chinese people are very friendly and helpful. The locals love to meet new people from English speaking countries as they like to practice their English skills with every chance they get. In large cities you will find English translations in all major forms of transportation but if you ever do need help with directions, you will encounter many friendly and helpful locals eager to show you the way!


Recently, we have complied a comprehensive document about China for all teachers who are interested in China as a teaching destination. The document covers everything above and so much more!  Here it is:


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