I know you might be torn on whether a BYOD program would be good or bad for schools. Let me tell you a few reasons why I think BYOD would be good. I will also bring in some critiques that I would have an answer for.


1) Bringing PCs into the classroom would create compatibility issues with Apple that is already used in most schools. -Yes this is true that some compatibility issues will exist, but PC lovers will have to take the extra time to test there stuff before bringing it into the classroom. Otherwise it may be time to upgrade to a Mac.

2) Upgrading to a Mac is outrageously expensive. Well you are right! But here is the thing about Macs, if you take care of them they will last forever. I have friends who still use the first generation Macbooks. Meaning it is over 10 years old. With that being said I would take the money and invest in a Mac I have gone through PCs in less than 2 years most of my life not because of dropping them but because of outdated hardware, motherboards failing and other technical issues. While I understand the Apples still have issues as well, they are much less. Even an outdated Mac is still going to be better than a PC.

3) My school doesn't have a lot of technological stuff. Well here's the deal, prepare for the future! Grants are being given out by the government for new technology to be introduced into the classroom every year. Until your school gets the technology having the device will greatly help you. Not only is it a vast resource of information but also you can still teach from it in the mean time. Plus it will help with organizational issues.

Why BYOD will be beneficial

1) You can't bring your Desktop Mac home with you everyday. If you leave something on the computer without emailing yourself or getting the file before you leave you either have to drive back to school or get there extremely early the next day. Having the laptop that you can bring to and from work freely helps alleviate some of those problems.

2) Work from home. No more late hours in the school trying to prepare for that lesson tomorrow because you can't get your stuff from your person laptop to the schools'. You can put more effort into the project because you aren't trying to rush home to see your wife/husband and kids.

3) Those who don't have a device will want one. When this happens teaching effectiveness "should" go up when used properly. Changing styles of learning and styles of teaching keeps it interesting for the students. 

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