Best site for creating a Digital Book from a pencil and paper book?


I am hoping to get some direction on a good site to use to take students work and create a digital book that I would be able to put on my website and share with parents.  

I am currently making an alliteration book with my 3rd graders.  Each student gets one page to write and illustrate their allititeration.  I now want to take this to the digital level but not sure where to go to convert this.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.  


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Not sure what you mean by a 'digital book'? Can you explain more?

I use WordPress which works really well to communicate with my students, this could work for parents too but I am not sure if you want your students to access a site or whether it's just you showing work to parents.

Forgive me Susan - but an observation whilst I am here- although this is an active site - so many posts get 0 responses and sink from the front page ....


Thanks for responding.  I am not looking for the kids to access, not yet anyway.  I just want to take a class book we made and be able to get it on the computer so that we can share with parents.  Flipbook style I guess.  

Thanks again.


Hi Susan,

Booker  is a web2.0 tool that you can use to publish an ebook. I have used it before to publish a class book, and it's so easy. 


Thanks. I will take a look

I am too looking forward to that.

I found this new tool for digital storytelling called BookemonBoomWriter. It targets group writing. Maybe this will help! is a great place to start.  We use it to create and curate our digital tests.  Very easy!

Mixbook, Pinhole Press, Montage, Blurb are some of the best sites for creating digital book.

Hi Susan, 

I have used Storybird, and love it. Easy for students with special needs as well as elementary students even my 7th graders loved it but I have since moved on to VoiceThread, a little more sophisticated. 

Seesaw is another great Web2.0 tool,  It includes a voice over where VoiceThread also uses video.  

Have fun, I know your students will.  Oh, the best part... they are all free. 




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