I would like to get some feedback and advice from educators who have been using NING with their higher education students. I have started a group for my college e-learning students and I am finding it hard to get other people join it so as to make the social network have the role it is supposed to have. We started this group so as to give our college students in Argentina the chance to use the English language in a more relaxed atmosphere other than the Moodle forums they take part in during the course. However, some of them have not seen the point of the social network yet. Having people from other countries or universities joining it would be of great help to motivate more participation. If you have any ideas please let me know. The group is www-college-students-network.ning.com
Thanks a lot!

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I teach all of my online courses in Ning. I love it's flexibility. the students have no difficulty with the tool and like it much better than the CMS tool our university uses. I can do so much more with this class in terms of interactive work. I will be teaching an education class in the summer and if you would like to work on a project together we might be able to figure out an activity that involves a separate ning set-up. Let me know.
It would be great Mary! Thanks for offering. Please tell me, will the group be college level?. May be you can also join me at www-teach-with-internet.ning.com
Let's keep in touch.
Laura Gibbs is a great user of nings and other on-line tools - she's a member here, and of FiresideLearning and... so a search should turn up a page, contacts and web trails...
Thanks Ian, I may have a look at her profile and contact her!
Hi Ian,

I am going to contact Laura, too.
I have used it with several of my classes, both hybrid and fully online courses. I love it! See one of my communities, started for a use by a class, but opened to the larger professional community.
Great job! your Ning is so complete and functional I feel encouraged to try again! I guess the group I had this year was not very keen on Ning. In fact I only used it to support their Moodle course, but the Ning section was not visited by many and I have to confess I sort of gave up in the end. Our school year is about to finish now, so I will have to get inspired for next year and try to do something better!
Thanks for sharing!
Hi Rebecca,

How do you get around with ADA compliance for classes? That's my only issue with teaching in ning.



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