We currently have about a dozen Promethean Boards in our district and staff use the ActivStudio software for Macs v.3.6. We are set to implement an additional number of boards for the 2009-2010 school year and I am struggling with whether I should be training teachers on the new ActivInspire software or stick with the ActivStudio. Some of the teachers who will be getting boards have not used ANY Promethean software. Do we run 2 versions? I've heard that ActivStudio files are transferring fine into ActivInspire.

Thoughts? Should I wait a year for implementing the ActivInspire? I have taken the 2 day training on ActivStudio, but only have done the online training for ActivInspire. Our rep says Promethean is still working on training materials for the new software. I need to make a decision rather soon as I am conducting training in mid-June.

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I recommend using ACTIVInspire, especially for those who have not been trained before. Our teachers have been experimenting with it since March to get comfortable with the new look, feel, and functions. They love it, and are eager to share with others "new" ways of doing something.

Students definitely prefer activsoftware over studio or primary 3.7.
Suzanne, thank you so much for your thoughts. I think we will just 'go for it'. Will be a little more work on my end to create training materials, but the software does seem easier to use. Are there changes with using the ActiVotes or ActivExpressions?

It's neat to hear about the students' opinion, too!

Thanks again!
ActivInspire has an easier-to-adopt interface. It is much more "Microsoft-like". A lot of the functions on ActivStudio were counter-intuitive to those of us who have been using Office for years. Having said that, I am struggling a bit with the transition because I had ActivStudio worked out and have to unlearn it :)
I would encourage the transition to Inspire. I think the online tutorial on prometheanplanet on migrating to ActivInspire might help teachers- its sounds like you may have already seen it.
I also think it is easier to register and use votes and expressions as well as generate questions. And I do know of one handout you might be able to use for that: http://www.osceola.k12.wi.us/docs/handouts/activinspireactivotesand...
Emory, thanks a million for your input, advice and the link to the handout! It will definitely be helpful for our training sessions this summer.
Thanks for the link to the tutorial. Does your school have a subscription to studyisland.com ? If you do, the activotes and expressions work well with this online assessment site.
We're in the same situation. We would have trained all new teachers in inspire, but not everyone will have an intel mac. That is what held us back. We're going with Studio and teachers who want inspire can have both if they have an intel mac.



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