I am interested in working with another elementary school to do a little video conferencing. We currently have a webcam and are able to use Skype or other free Internet based video conferencing tools. I teach technology in 1st through 5th grade. We would love to try a little collaborative sharing. Ideas: (discussing a book, sharing about our school and our town, geography of our area, etc.) Other ideas would be welcome since this is our first venture into the world of video conferencing.

Look forward to hearing from other elementary school teachers who would like to try it out with us.

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I am in Oklahoma City. I have different grades throughout the week.....
Are you a librarian? I am and I have grades K to 5 at various times throughout the day.
no....I teach gifted
I have gifted students in a classroom off the library 3 days a week. I will see if the gifted teacher is interested. :-)
sounds great, thanks
Hi Sharon,
Where are you located? We live in Illinois. My wife teaches second grade teacher and uses Skype. She is interested in connecting with other schools around the country. Let me know how you would like to move forward. I am a technologist for the district and help connect teachers to opportunities like this. Look forward to hearing from you.
Sharon, your project sounds great for our K-4 students at PS 230, Bronx New York. I have a Mac lab and I am interested in using skype it is a very exciting technological tool. Keep me informed on what to do next please.
I would really like to participate in some form of webconference. I suggest looking at DIMDIM it not only allows up to 20 groups to conference but you can also share screen and it is free. I teach 4th grade math and social studies where I use loads of tech.
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