I am interested in working with another elementary school to do a little video conferencing. We currently have a webcam and are able to use Skype or other free Internet based video conferencing tools. I teach technology in 1st through 5th grade. We would love to try a little collaborative sharing. Ideas: (discussing a book, sharing about our school and our town, geography of our area, etc.) Other ideas would be welcome since this is our first venture into the world of video conferencing.

Look forward to hearing from other elementary school teachers who would like to try it out with us.

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We have been doing some video conferencing within our district. I'm a literacy coach for a school of 50 teachers so there's always someone willing. We would most likely want to talk about something related to one of our required units but these units are broad enough that they can probably encompass whatever you're learning.
I would like to be part of the video conference project you have in mind. I have a Mac Lab and I am also interested in using video conferencing. Please contact me>
I am the librarian in a K-5 school. We do video conferences through the University of Pennsylvania, we have done video conferences with authors and illustrators. Not sure how to do one with an individual school but I know our teachers would be interested, especially 2nd grade since they have not had a conference yet this year!

How would you feel about having a class of pre-service teachers "visit" you through videoconferencing? I'm trying to find video partners to enable my students (pre-service teachers in college class) to see what teaching with technology looks like today.
James, thanks for the reply. This sounds interesting. I currently can only use Skype or oovoo for conferencing. I have only done a little within our school so I would be a "newbie." I am not sure what you are looking for. Would it be like an informal window into the classroom? That would be simple enough to setup, I believe. We do some creative and interesting things (Scratch) and of course some of the mundane, district required things (Database using Acess) I would like to know more.
I would be glad to go over some different options with you, or anyone interested in regards to the technology to accomplish this. I represent Great America Networks Conferencing. A number of educational organizations use our services of WebConferencing and VideoConferencing to do long distance learning. If anyone is interested in any information on our services, feel free to contact me directly below. We offer free ongoing personal training, support and consultation so you are never going it alone.

You can see the software interface and sign up for a free 1 on 1 trial or a full featured demonstration free as well.

Compare to other popular products here: http://www.ganconference.com/web.html

View the software here: http://www.ganconference.com/quickvisuals.html

Sing up for a free trial here on the right side of the page: http://web.ganconference.com/

Have a free guided tour of the software here: http://www.ganconference.com/demo.html or just contact me below and i'll personally provide you a tour of the features and go over how it can work for you.

Good luck,

Anthony Russo
Conferencing Consultant
Great America Networks Conferencing
Phone: 312-432-5377
Fax: 312-492-2577
Skype: anth.russo
Sharon! YES! Are you located in S. Carolina? We are in Eugene, OR, would be fun to collaborate on a project and do vconf. (We have the same kind of low-tech stuff-- on skype I'm jkrauss1989)

Hi Sharon - I'm tech coordinator at a pre-K - Grade 8 school in Maryland. We use videoconferencing for virtual field trips. teacher-teacher discussions, class-class interschool projects, cross-cultural (international) experiences, and interviews (7th-8th graders interviewing adult "experts").
We use IP-only videoconferencing in either our videoconference center (shared music room) using a $$$$ Polycom 7000 system, or in classrooms using pcs w/webcam-speaker-projector and Polycom VHX 8 software (~$120 single use license) Either of these provides the full H323/H264 capability needed for virtual field trips to musums, historical centers, etc.
Dave - we have six elementary schools that have IP VC equipment who are always looking for projects. Feel free to contact me - cnelson@nscsd.org and I can get you connected with a class.
Can you tell me more about your virtual field trips?
Sharon, I have an idea that would support a project we are doing at school and at the same time might be interesting for your school. Several 4/5 grade classes are cataloging the flora and fauna around our school as we get ready to restore the small stream (now more of a ditch) that runs along side. We are creating a field guide with everyone contributing their species description, natural history, a photo, and more. They are also learning which organisms are native, which are not, which are invasive and should go, which are native but missing and should be reestablished. Wouldn't it be interesting to compare the native habitat of your area with ours? I know we'll have a lot in common (esp. invasives!) and big differences as well, given our disparate climates and ecologies. I can write this up more formally but what this would do for us is:
- help students understand how our local environment compares with another place in the US
- give students an authentic audience for their research
- give students a window on other students' world and a chance to make friends
- learn about the concerns of other places-- how might another student body choose to improve their school?
- practice writing, practice speaking, practice using technology as an aid to accomplishing meaningful work
What do you think?
I am teaching Science to six and seven graders in Beaconhouse School System, Karachi, Pakistan. In class six we have a topic about Habitats, it covers the topics about fauna and flora.Is it possible to have a video conference through Skype.
Right now the schools are closed for summer break, if it is possible we can plan it for the month of August or September.



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