I'm a Tech Resource Teacher responsible for 71 teachers and 1,000 students. Each year it seems that teachers are feeling more stressed due to time constraints with curriculum guide requirements. When I suggest a technology project, the teacher will say, "There's not enough time," "How can I get it in?" "I have to get a 77% on testing to meet the AYP goal for the government and can't afford to not practice for testing," and on and on and on.

My point is: how do you encourage your teachers?

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Hi Brian,

Must be the same all over the world!! Starting new projects when teachers are swamped can be difficult. There are times in the year that are better for starting projects than other times. Teachers who are already comfortable with technology just naturally embed technology over the year even when they are swamped with assessments. Not so comfortable teachers need to have the right head space to learn new things.

When I have done my coaching I have asked the teacher what they are currently doing in their room and then work out a way that the technology can enrich this. We use a proforma to guide us. Questions may include -
School’s Learning and teaching Goals?
Your Learning and teaching Goals?
How do you currently integrate ICT (information and Communication Technology) into learning and teaching?
What types of ICT do you currently use in your classroom program and how confident are you in doing so?
What benefit do you hope to achieve by integrating technology for you personally?
What benefit for your students and their learning do you hope to achieve by integrating technology in your classroom?
Other issues?
Time lines?


I can't believe you have only had one reply! Sounds like you and I are in the exact same boat. My only thought is that you have to strive to make technology seemless. Its difficult and won't happen over night or over year for that matter. Start at the top, get principals and your BOE hooked and go from there.



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