This morning I encountered two lists of "Best Web 2.0 Applications for Education."

1. Larry Ferlazzo's at

2. Silvia Tolisano's at

Silvia's is elementary-school focused, and Larry's is general--although at the bottom of Larry's post are links to other more specialized lists he's also created.

Shall we give it a go here? What have been your favorite Web 2.0 apps in education this year? Want to make any predictions for 2008?

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I started a list at and am looking for feedback/additions, etc...
Here are my favorite Web 2.0 Tools for 2007.

1. Twitter - This microblogging app has allowed me to quadruple my resources by connecting me to the whereaboouts of other educators. This is where I first heard about "pot roast nachos"!

2. - With many presenters adding live streaming of their presentations at various conferences, I have been able to virtually be at regional conferences throughout the world.

3. Classroom 2.o - This is where most of my networking beyond my regional area started for me. I joined this Ning network early this year and found that the sharing created richer opportunities to find out what was happening in our Read/Write Web.

4. Voicethread - I am enamored by the various ways to contribute to a collaborative project here. I am glad that the Doodler allows participants to draw on images.

5. Skype - It's been around for a while, but it still serves as one of the easiest ways to connect to others.

6. Google Earth - When the latest version was released, I was able to embed video into tours, look at the sky, and play flight simulator. Still provides goosebumps to students when they see familiar places from overhead.

7. Bubbleshare - An easy photosharing site that some teachers in my district used with students, including showcase at conferences.

8. Google Docs & Spreadsheets - Still free. Still powerful. When the app was upgraded this year, my use of it in educational settings increased dramatically. But I am still waiting for the "tags" feature to return.

9. Google Reader - It took over as my favorite RSS aggregator early this year. I was able to subscribe to certain YouTube vidoes and watch them from within the app, not having to visit YouTube itself. And the fact that there are several Google applications listed in my top 10 occur because I only have to sign in once with the same login/password.

10. iGoogle - With this as my start page, I could access almost everything else listed above and more. I feel bad for my Pageflakes page, but I once again don't have to manage multiple passwords.

These are just my personal preferences based on use, but I found so many great tools to use this year. My predictions for 2008 include greater significance for Second Life, an app development boom for the XO laptop, and GPS integrated into just about every machine.

Ten years later, it's interesting to look back and think about which ones of these are still around... and which aren't. I miss Google Reader, although has done an ok job as a replacement.


Great idea to open it up to the Classroom 2.0 community. I'm looking forward to hearing what people come up with. By the way, I'll be adding a few more specialized lists to my blog during the week. People can access all of them at Websites Of The Year.

I'll also be making a list of predictions for 2008, which I'll share on this thread. They'll probably all be wrong, but it'll still be fun to make them...

My favorite Web 2.0 Tools for 2007 and even i can say for 2008 is Flockpod. FlockPod is about adding social interaction to any web page to serve a dual purpose - facilitate informal learning and augment the content itself!

The central idea of FlockPod is to provide a space on any web page for you to collaborate and learn right on-the-spot, to share ideas, opinions, experiences, anecdotes or sometimes even to question, reason or debate.

Here is your chance to go beyond the presented content and gain valuable insight from the views of other fellow Pod-Flockers. Should you need more info on it, you can always visit its website or let me create a blog on this, and we can have view and share informations there.
I just blogged about my tracking my Web 2.0 journey from 2006 -2007:

Right now Twitter is at the top of my list. I also can't leave out Classroom 2.0 and the fabulous Steve Hargadon. This space on ning really took my Web 2.0 journey to the next level. Thanks Steve! Thanks to the members of Classroom 2.0! Thanks ning!
Great idea Steve. Spent all morning creating my list. You can view it at:
It's interesting how so many educators like Twitter, including myself. It hasn't really caught on with my students yet though, but I wonder how we'll manage that distraction when it does. Will we be able to use it with them, yet still ban it when it becomes a distraction. Great lists from the others too. I'm already checking out some of the suggested apps. Thanks.
My New Year's resolution is to try out these great suggestions for Web 2.0 tools in the elementary classroom.

Thanks for all the wonderful suggestions.

Margo in Virginia USA
One tool that would be on my "Top ___ List" and has had the greatest impact on my school is Audacity. I've been able to use it to easily record our school sight word lists and export them for use in Windows Media Player or to burn on CD. Now we're ready to record student reading fluency, student written stories, and more. It's been very easy for the non-techie teachers to use also.
There are so many and the Web 2.0 tools have transformed my online classes. My problem now is narrowing it down. but I think
1. would top the list
2. Twitter
3. Ning
4. VoiceThread
5. uStreamTV
6. EdTechTalk ( I know it is not a tool exactly, but I learn so darn much from these guys each week)
7. Podcasts
8. a variety of blogs I read (Wesley Fryer, David Warlick, Will Richardson, etc..)
9. Portaportal
10. Google tools
I liked and used the following:-
1. (where I started using web 2.0)
3. used widely for brainstorming with my classes
6., google reader and now igoogle - potential powerful learning applications in conjunction with www.powergrammo for recording conferencing and enabling podcasts to be developed.
8. (fun video avatars for simple podcasts, introductions etc.)
9. for easily created online surveys and simple online tests
I created a "Advent of technology" calendar in December with some of my and others favourite learning technologies. Not all of them are web 2.0 however. There are other loved technologies. One participant nominated OHPs! (It was for the ELKS E-learning and Knowledge Sharing network.)

They include wiki-mindmapping
Flickr, iGoogle, Skype, Wordpress etc.

But my favourite tool is YOU as in the users of networks and communities like this where we share informaton and opinions. Web 2.0 software is nothing without the people who use it - they are - WE are - what makes it what it is!




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