Who's interested in reading Five Minds for the Future

Who's interested in reading Five Minds for the Future by Howard Gardner and putting our network onto evaluating and musing about what Gardner thinks? This book just came out. Howard Gardner's multiple intelligence theory proved more than useful. Now he's written "...his prediction for which mental capacities will be of greatest need in the increasingly globalized, rapidly changing 21st-century world." (Education Week, April 25th, 2007)

I know this isn't Book Club, but what if a core of us had a common reference point for discussing the thinking skills involved as we move forward with Classroom 2.0? We could infuse the network with attunement to the cognition of it all.

Also just out in today's Education Week:
"Teachers Unions Taking Professional Development Online"
Just scanned the article; it seems to be referring to a site that contains modules that teachers, particularly beginning teachers, can reference about how to do things, like manage a class.

Somehow that brings to mind the filmstrips we used to see in school. Oh wait--I'm dating myself! Does anyone else know what filmstrips are? (And how about "ditto machines"?!)

In the article, Kathleen McGuigan, an "assistant director in the educational issues department," acknowledges the fact that 56% of the teachers who registered on the site have more than 10 years experience. "That suggests to her that the next digital frontier for the unions will be adapting social-networking software for a community of educators. Think Facebook and MySpace for adult, professional purposes." (Education Week, April 25, 2007)

Seeing this issue of Education Week makes me realize that, thanks to Steve, we're on the cutting edge. Us, Classroom 2.0. Let's run infinity signs around the old filmstrips. Isn't it great to try things out on the pioneering side? So invigorating. Here we are, actively involved in a vastly significant cultural change. That make us scouts of some sort. Picture covered wagons, crossing the country, scouts going forth to sense out the surroundings, finding the way. Or we could shift images to the Hubble Telescope capturing 14 billion-year-old light from the edge of the known universe, shaping our understanding of what and who we are.

Whatever the image, we get to form it. (Other analogies would be very beneficial! Please post yours!) My proposal is that a number of us read this new book by Gardner, and start talking about it. It seems like it'd be relevant, and we may even have some fun.

What do you say?

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I want to join in! :)
I'm all about Gardner - count me in too.
I love your analogy of the covered wagons and being pioneers!

Whole New Mind is another excellent book about creativity in education and in the global environment.

I like your "fireside chats". We do something we call Chatauquas with some of our English teachers and get together in homes and talk about an essay we all read together. (I was inspired after visiting Chatauqua!)

We're considering study groups or focus groups for teachers next year--where THEY come up with the idea of what they need/want to learn and then develop a group around it. I love your comment, Skip!

Debating if I can start another book or if I will lurk and read ;) but I love this idea!!
I agree completely, Skip. I do think that schools often treat teachers like "blank slates" in terms of training and staff development, rather than having a more collaborative model with more teacher input. But it does seem that many teachers and students are "socialized" into accepting that top down model.

I do think all of us, students and teachers alike, are natural learners with much to contribute to the conversation. I really like how you worded that.
I am also in - I even still have some funds in my district "book" account and will purchse the Gardner book on Monday - are we planning on discussing any of the others? Sharon
Ok, I will date myself and admit to knowledge of filmstrips, ditto machines, and "purple passion sheets" too (does that ring a bell for anyone?). The Gardner book is enticing. Can we start reading at the end of June and make it a summer venture?
You can count me in, too, I think.
I like the idea of a collaborative reading group as a way to consider ideas and perspectives. The book looks interesting.
I'm in .... purple juice'd fingers and all.
Can we go slowly, though? So many tops are spinning right now, but this looks good to me. And I like the comment about practicing collaboration.
I'll stop by B&N and use the teacher discount this week.
Will you start a new forum, or keep it here?
I'm interested in reading this book, as well, but my docket is a bit full at the moment. Perhaps I'll start the book later and catch up with you all after school ends!
HI Connie,
I'm interested in reading Five Minds of the Future.
Now I'd like to get some links to read about the Five Minds..., because in México the book it not easy to get.
The theme of minds and the cognitives processes are very interesting two aspects the theory and the practice in the classroom.
I'm in. I just ordered the book from Amazon.
Hello Classmates,
I read the book over the weekend. There are a lot of good talking points. What would be a good way for us to proceed?
It's not as if the book has to be read all the way through before we can start taking off from some of his points. We could just start... Would that be a good idea? This week?
To me, the book is just a launch pad for discussion. I guess anyone could post a thread and we'll go from there. We'll be "reflective practitioners", practicing collaboration. All this in a brand-new custom-designed social computing network. Now how cool is that?! (We can brag to our kids about this.)
Ideas for how to proceed?



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