Does anyone use classroom management software in their computer labs? I installed GenevaLogic Visions 6 classroom management software this year and it messed up some of my programs. It seems to be affecting saving images, and google docs?? Anyone else use it or recommend a better program?

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Hi Dan,

If you have the HowTo doc, I'd love to have a copy. Would you mind emailing it to me at

Thank you.
Which of the above classroom management software works for wireless laptops?
We use CrossTech SchoolVue. It is ideal for a wireless environment. It has been a pretty steady and effective lab monitoring solution, but we also use SchoolVue as an instructional tool as well. We use it during finals time to block access to certain programs and/or websites. We have also conducted anonymous chat discussions with students to discuss sensitive topics. They have excellent support, too. Good luck.
I love Apple Remote Desktop. Only works in a Mac environment, but if that's what you have it's a great tool (monitoring, screen sharing, lock-out capabilities, document and application install, etc).

If you are a Mac school using ARD in conjunction with an OSX server is a great, simple way, to control not only the classroom but the entire school's network.

From my 6 years of teaching experience, I can tell you that it is always better to use a classroom management tool that allows you to conduct classes smoothly with an authorized list of applications and websites. My school administration has been using Faronics Insight for quite some time and we are quite happy with the results. I can monitor the activities on all students' devices from my own computer and even control them remotely, if necessary. If any student is found to be distracted, I can blank out his/her screen and disable their keyboards and mice to catch their attention.

This classroom management software runs well a variety of devices, such as any Windows/Mac computers, Chromebooks, and tablets. I can prepare a list of approved applications and websites, that are educational and grade-specific. It also allows me to keep a track of what applications are running on each student's workstation, and add/remove any of them as per class requirements. Looking at your lab management concerns, I think you will find it beneficial.



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