Web Games for History, People, or Literature (and...a little help?)

As school starts for most, I'm wondering about the use of online, interactive games for exploring History and learning about great people from the past.

When Flash was introduced, we thought this was the answer to the dreadfully boring and uninformative history text, the literature dryly delivered by Mr. J. Evans Prichard. And we saw a lot of promising interactive games early on.

So, do you use them? Do you find them educational? Do you find them at all?

We started a list: Games That Teach History, and have collected more of and about web games for history. Can you or your students find more? What do you think of the ones there?

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You might want to add http://nobelprize.org/educational_games/medicine/ which has games based on the history of the nobel prize for medicine.
Andrew Field is/was wayyyyyy ahead of his time in this field. I've adapted his games for use in the EFL classroom See his Fling the Teacher and other games.

Thanks for sharing your lists. You might also find some more your like here:


Try browsing the Eduweb site. They develop interactive games for museums and institutions.
Thanks for suppling the list of interactive History games. I am a student teacher; and I can see myself using these games when I get my own class. D. McAlpin
I haven't used any online games to learn about different subjects yet but I think that it is a great idea. going to do online games will help the student become more interested in what they are learning. I will keep an eye out for different websites that can contribute to this list.
I don't teach history, but I know some history teachers use the Brothers in Arms series in classes.
You don't say what grade level you are looking at. I teach 5-8 SS and 6 Language Arts and Lit. I have set up two link pages for my students.

Thank you for posting your page. I just glanced at it for now but have bookmarked it to see if I can add any to my pages.

BTW: I noticed "Fling the Teacher" - one of my students' favorites. :D

Excellent games for teaching goverment!

Is there a problem with the link?



These are a couple of websites from the British Museum that my students have found useful...more interactive that games


My students also use the Ilike2learn.com websites for reviewing about maps
These sites are truly works of art! I am passing them on to the SDAIE world history teacher. Cool!






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