Can somebody please recommend a useful screen casting widget? I've never made a screen cast before; but, I want to do so now. Preferably, I'd like a free one.


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Creating Screen Casts is one of my favorite hobbies, Screen Flow is my favorite, here is an example...


Click here for a nice list of my top 10 favorite screen casting apps....

Hope this helps!!!
Hi Andrew,
I just downloaded JING ( I love's free and is compatible with Screencast ( I created several screencasts for my school district as a professional development offering.

I highly recommend this!
Have a look at the very new screenr, also screencast-o-matic, my experiments and thoughts here!

I use CamStudio its free and works as good as anything that you would pay for.
By far THE BEST is Jing The free version limits you to 5 minute recordings. For $14/year, you get the full version.

This is Camtasia's little brother
I recommend Jing It's free and compatible with Mac and PC.
I use Camtasia for long projects. Camtasia is also great for recording narrated PowerPoint presentation. It also fun using Camtasia to create trips using Google Earth and narrating the trip you take.

Jing is great for short recordings. I really like using it to create little how-to videos to show one or many colleagues how to perform tasks in software. Besides its great capabilities, Jing's price makes it very attractive.

I was impressed with screencast-o-matic when I played with it last year. I'm sure it has gotten even better. A nice thing with this one is you don't need to download any software. The downside with online recorders like this is you really need a high speed connection. Bandwidth is and issue.
Did I already reply to this? I can't remember. Maybe it was someone else. Either way, and are a couple of recent ones worth checking out.


Try jing, you can upload to the web.

I have primarily used JING in the past, but have found it to be less user-friendly when I want to embed my videos onto my website.  So I recently did a little exploration and testing and discovered Screencast-o-Matic, which does not require users to sign up and exports videos directly into user's Youtube accounts.  It is free, so easy to use, and the quality of the casts is great---giving you the ability to use both screencasting and video from your webcam (even simultaneously).  I have yet to come across anything I find as simple and reliable, so I am still using that.



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