I am running a new service, and need teachers who are willing to test a new concept in online education. It seems like this would be the perfect place to start. I need teachers who are willing to teach anything :)


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Can you explain more about what your site does? While I've been accused I've having taught everything, I still don't know what I'd use your site for.
Basically, my site allows ANYONE to create a learning community. Inside of a learning community, you can create levels, which are automated attendance system levels where students need to produce/view X amount of content in order to get to the next level in order to view harder content. (Patent Pending)

Every community has: unlimited video lectures, open question posting, discussion boards, chat rooms (with start and end times), file storage (everything blackboard has). You can add a management team to your community to help you deal with additional students. You can charge a monthly or yearly subscription fee for your community, or you can do it for free, and earn in the ad revenue. There are NO GRADES, only learning, students teaching students, and students producing content to show how much they have learned. We want to open education up to all the people who do not have the time or money to afford it.

Sound good to you? There is MUCH MORE COMING in the near future. Sign up for beta now! We need high quality courses to seed our launch and are giving higher ad rates for it!


Please, pass this on, we cannot do this without teachers like yourself!
What is this about?
Please sign up at the site for more information in the coming days. I promise you will not be sorry! I have already spoken to people personally in this community on the phone and I will do the same for anyone else as well. Just don't want to give too much away here.



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