Hello teachers,

Last spring, Julie Lindsay and Vicki Davis led an amazing project called The Horizon Project. This was a collaborative effort joining 5 classrooms from around the world in one unified project.

  • If you were to create a Horizon Project of your own, where would you begin?
  • Is there something set up that would allow even the least tech-savvy teachers to participate in similar projects?
Your feedback is greatly appreciated,


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I'd dream the idea, be prepared to walk others through, start small, and then reach out to teachers through a community like this. You might look at http://www.rockourworld.org/ which is another similar multi-national collaborative effort.
The more I think about it, the more I think you're right. This is the place to make connections with teachers just like me. It's also a place where any teacher can learn from others as long as they are willing to take the time.
Thank you for raising these questions. I'm afraid I'm a newbie and have thus far only done a couple of tiny collaborations. One was participating in a stuffed toy's journey around the world and blogging with others who were participating as well. (It's called the KoalaWhere project and many schools have done it.) It involved some journaling, photosharing, and as I said, blogging. KoalaWhere Project: www.d11.org/mann/computerliteracy/think_com.htm

The second project was exchanging electronic "post cards" with an art teacher in Australia whose students were much, much younger than mine. We made digital art and wrote very simple notes to them. They drew pictures for us in return. In the end we had to send the material made by electronic means through snail mail overseas because the other teacher only had a dial-up connection; bless her heart. Each school posted the project on Think.com and their school websites. www.d11.org/mann/computerliteracy and www.elthamnorthps.vic.edu.au/C3_parentpages/c3.5.art.1.htm

This year I have connected with teachers in Australia, Italy, and Denver (2 hours from me). I'm not sure where to start yet, so I can't wait to hear what people add here. Again, thanks for asking the questions.
This teacher has some great (and easy ) collaborative projects. We did her Lucky Charms data collecting in March. The nice thing is it gives you an authentic dataset to use when teaching or re-enforce Excel---and the charts and graphs make great displays!



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