Hello. I am not sure if there is a discussion out there for computer lab teachers yet. If not, I would like to start one so we can bounce ideas and resources off each other. I spent my first year teaching as a computer lab teacher. At first I was hesitant because I thought I would be a classroom teacher. Now, I love it and feel I am in the right place at the right time.

This September I start my second year only this time i am at a Chicago Public School with 600+ students. I have a lot of work to do to prepare and would love to talk with anyone about tips, tricks, what to avoid, etc.

Jeremiah Olson

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Hello all, I too am a K-8 Computer teacher. I work in a great small independent school. We have 2 labs that serve K-12. We are currently on the cycle to update computers in my lab. The question is... stay with Windows XP or go to Vista! Anyone using Vista? I would love to hear about the transition, network issues or differences in using Office, Type to Learn and other educational software. What works what does not?
thanks, your answer is in line with all others I have queried. Looks like we will purchase new PC's with XP pro and maybe have tha Vista license included. The switch to mac may be in our future....too!
Is anyone from this group attending NECC in San Antonio?
I just found this group and yes I will be attending the NECC in San Antonio. My family and I will make a vacation out of it.
I will be and will likely do some live webcasts from Bloggers' Cafe for Ed Tech Talk. Have you all signed up on the Classroom 2.0 live page at http://www.edubloggercon.com/NECC+2008?
Hi All!
I'm new to this site but I was just thrilled to find it! I work in a public school in Alhambra, California. My school has about 1000 students. We are a K-8 school and have a computer lab with 40 new iMacs. K-5th grades visit my lab once a week. K-2nd for 30 minutes and 3rd-5th atleast 50 minutes weekly. Grades 6-8th utilize our 2 mobile labs of 30 laptop MacBooks each, in the classrooms. Each teacher, 47 total, has an iBook laptop assigned to them for use throughout the year.

I want to thank everyone for so many great ideas. This is my 4th year teaching here and I feel like I'm finally starting to make some progress with teachers and students. All our hardwork is starting to pay off!
I look forward to continuing to learn with you all.
Hello. Image my surprise as I was researching for my Master's that I came across this site. I wish I knew about this site 5 years ago when I first started teaching in the computer lab. I would love to join this group and learn what other computer lab teachers are doing.
Help!!! I am working on storing classroom computers over the summer. Currently my classroom teachers place the computers in black garbage bags and put them in the closet or on a tv cart in an NON-Air Conditioned classroom which often reaches 90° or above and is excessively humid (I am in Chicago). I have already tried to request that they be kept in an airconditioned room over the summer to no avail. I need ideas or is the garbage bag our best solution??? They have used this because it was believed to keep out moisture and dust, but each year 2-4 computers fry when restarted in the fall.
My question would be, are the computers being cleaned internally before being used in the fall? My home computer gets blown out 3-4 times a year, most school computers never get cleaned -- dust is a bigger enemy than the storage heat, the dust in the computer attracts the moisture which corrodes connections, etc.

Its not the dust on the computer that causes problems, its what is inside. The bag will not keep out moisture unless there is a drying agent put in the bag and it is sealed airtight.
Unfortunately I think in the past they have not been blown out. Since this is my first year I was thinking about the internal dust but wasn't sure how it is normally cleaned out. I could use your expertise.
If you have never taken the cover off of a computer, its time to learn. Most newer computers have screws w/knobs, (older computers have screws and you will need a cross-head screw driver, sometimes called Phillips), that are easy to take off, then the cover will come off.. some easier than others, I suggest taking one computer cover off and practicing putting it back on so you become familiar with that part of cleaning.

It would be nice if the district supplied you w/canned air for cleaning, but if they don't, just use a vaccum cleaner, (new bag please), and connect the hose to the blowing side, not suction. Then just blow the dust bunnies away from the internal parts.

Warning, this is going to be messy if they have never been cleaned -- buy a dust mask and use it.
Thanks. Unfortunately my school will not buy more than one canned air because of the dangers to students and that won't come close to cleaning all the computers. Believe it or not I know how to change out most pieces inside the computer but have only used a can to clean it. I will use the vaccum idea thx.



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