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Hey--there's a great learning opportunity available to anyone who read the last Harry Potter. It's absolutely fascinating.
If you go to Wikipedia, you can see the latest: there's pretty complete coverage. (In fact, the start of it was there almost immediately after the book came out.) The interesting thing is that this is an example of social knowledge being formed and going through a process of evolution right before our eyes. There are a lot of people visiting the site right now; the topic is new. We can check out how large-scale pooling of views and facts creates knowledge. Is it accurate? Is it unbiased? Is it changing regularly? If you have any interest, check it out. I won't leave the link; you know how to get there. I don't want to put any temptation in the paths of people who are still reading the book! Shhhhhh.....

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Very interesting hint! Thanks. I did a lot of Potter-searching fot my learning blog about the 7th Harry Potter! Who did not? But your link to the Wikipedia is new for me, fascinating, and your article throws attention to 'social knowledge'! I did't think of this democratic encyclopedia. You can find my learning blog The Sausage Machine on http://janien.wordpress.com. There you'll find my H.P. words and links ... Welcome!
Finished the book last night and then finally checked what was on Wikipedia....and it was interesting to see not only the plot described but the many interesting side-stories.
See what happens when you check back in, a day from now. Things will be tweaked, will be a bit different. My son has been following the evolving knowledge and keeps me informed. Just think how many people are "making" this knowledge right now. It's a phenomenon, something historically unique. Also, it's multi-aged construction of knowledge...
I was staying with an aunt after release. My cousin got the book from Amazon so it came Saturday a.m. Before he started reading, he read the Wikipedia entry that a.m. when he woke up. It already had a synopsis and the ending.

I, of course, hated the idea of getting the ending first, but I thought that was an amazingly fast sharing of information.



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