Is anyone using a Moodle as a course management tool and can offer hints or suggestions?

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I have been teaching with moodle for 5 years now. I had been using Blackboard, then went to a school where they didn't offer a CMS. With moodle there is a lot of flexibility in the layout and how grades are calculated. I use a weekly layout

Students seem to like this layout better than grouping all of the lectures/assignments/quizzes. The example pdf is notes/problems that I made/discussed during lecture on the IWB. I also create rubrics for all assignments with rcampus, and embed them in the assignment page. I use quizzes as a learning tool to reinforce important concepts. Students have 4 attempts on them over the course of 2 weeks, but have to wait at least 30 min between tries.

At my current school we are looking into switching to moodle from blackboard (WebCT).
With this semester coming to a close, I did enjoy the ease of following the layout of Moodle, There was never a question of what was to be turned in or discussed since it was all laid out. It was also very easy to keep track of grades and always knew how they could be improved, if that was needed. Hopefully this will be a system I can use in the future.
This is exactly what I feel about Moodle. A detailed syllabus makes you remember what is due on what day, what we should expect for the day's class, and of course the fact that there was never a question of what is expected of us.

There is a module for Moodle so that you can upload from Google Drive. It would make it so students do not need the Microsoft programs to open your files, amongst other things.



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