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I've been working on this idea with a few members of the Distance Collaborations group here on CR2.0.

We're envisioning is a group (perhaps on CR2.0) where people sign up or sign in and commit to hosting at least 2 field trips a year with students. These 2 field trips could either be locally planned and offered to anyone who wanted to pick a look (like a library archive of field trips) or a class could be "hired" to take another class along (virtually) on a field trip.

Classes could participate in the group without being hired. Teachers could have students "advertise" with persuasive text, the merits of their upcoming field trips OR advertise the merits of their archiving talents and local learning opportunties in order to be hired. This last approach calls for more flexibility of the class timeline.

We could then have a database for awesome, student-led field trips to be accessed from anywhere at any time!

If you're interested, visit (or join) the Distance Collaborations group for more information. We've been working on putting some legs under the idea and would appreciate your feedback!

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This sounds like one incredible idea. I"m not so impressed with communicating across long distances as I am communicating for real purposes.

Thanks for the post.
Several months ago I read about a partnership between an Israeli school and a Polish school. Many of the children in the Israeli school were descendants of Holocaust survivors. The Polish children took their Israeli counterparts on a tour of the communities where their grandparents and great grandparents had once lived. It sounded very cool.
Taking a virtual field trip would open up so many vistas for our children, not only geographically but politically. When we get to know people from another country or even another state, it's hard to be afraid of them or to dislike them.

As for geographical awareness, whenever I am out-of-state and tell someone I'm from Kansas, a typical response is "Where's Toto?" I'd love for people to know that Kansas has more to offer than tornadoes and "The Wizard of Oz."

I'm all for virtual exchanges - let's figure out how to make connections!



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