There are quite a few sites which offer applications for sharing and collaborating on documents, these are the sites that I have tried on different occasions, if you know of more please add:
GoogleDocs - online collaborative word processing
YourDraft - Online draft - shared editing - No registration neccessary
WriteWith - online collaborative word processing
Zoho Writer - online collaborative word processing
WriteBoard - online collaborative word processing

The applications share similarities and differences. So far I have found google docs very useful for working with my team - it enabled us to build and refine our curriculum online, from home, instead of spending extra hours in school.

I hope next year to use google docs with my students for both individual and group work.

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I think they've caught up with the spambots since the above.
I first was introduced to GoogleDocs a few weeks ago, I never knew google offered this kind of applications, makes me regret buying Microsoft Office. I think is great that is great that there are sites that offers applications for free as is googles and thae other sites you and other people in here have mentioned, specially for people that are not able to buy this kind of programs or people that have to make projects and are not able to work face to face.
I am looking at Google docs as a collaborative tool for use by colleges and teachers. It's simple and easy to use and seems very well designed. The Google empire is expanding!
There is a feeling of deja vu here. The funny thing is: in general people seem very positive about the Google megalith, whereas Microsoft is regarded as the bete noir. I guess part of the difference is that it's far harder to see the cost of what's free.
I also enjoy google docs. The word processor and spreadsheet application has been used for collaboration but I want to try out the presentation application and its capabilities while school is on its long summer vacation. Our students worked with Alison and Everitt Middle School on comparing the average number of electonic devices/household (eg cell phones, mp3 players etc). We compared the two countries using both data and charts set up in the spreadsheet and the charting results were fantastic and provided great discussion points. The spreadsheet did all that we wanted. Now that igoogle is here, google will remain our collaborative software of choice.
I am using Google Apps in the classroom with some success. For my masters project I wanted to design and build some kind of portal for classroom collaboration. To my great joy, I was introduced to Google Docs then iGoogle and finally Google Apps. This was exactly what I had envisioned for my project! Now, I use the calendar, Talk, and all the Docs. My masters project will now be a publication of a practitioners paper. I'd love to have any input from other Google Docs, Calender, Talk users in the classroom.
Has everyone caught up with the fact that there are now google forms which can be sent to participants, responses gained and then sent back to be immediately added to a spreadsheet set up for the purpose. Anyone used them yet? If so, how?
This is an interesting tool. I setup a form to collect data on different internet related activities and had the students fill this out . I downloaded the data then had kids examine the data using tinkerplot. Think I will try to get students to create their own forms then collect and analyze the data later in the term.

I am mainly using Gapps but did not see if anyone mentioned Buzzword it looked interesting as well.
I must concur with Kevin H. I believe that Google Docs provides some good templates for several styles of documents. It also has file-sharing capability so that you can share templates and projects with colleagues.

You also may want to try your state's education department's website. I know the Connecticut Department of Ed. site has a page for teachers to share files, and offers for sharing larger files.

Hope this helps,
With Dropbox, Sugarsync and SpiderOak you can share documents via online share catalogs some safer and more secure than other. You can also (With SugarSync and SpiderOak) synchronize the documents and provide Mobile access via iPhone/iPad. - offer 50% discount on paid services for students/teachers with .edu addresses or using code 'education'.
I have been working a lot with this, and keeping track of the results. I've kept a blog you may want to check into/subscribe to:

Thanks. Really nice to confirm that we have so wonderful tools to work in colaborative way.

I have been using google docs for a long time and it is excellent, however I would like to work with any Digital Board on line. Do you know anyone free? that we can use at the same time? thanks



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