Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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I'm Michael O'Neill, from Queensland Australia. I teach at a State High school and my subjects are Japanese, Social Sciences and Career Education. I try to incorporate Web 2.0 applications at school as much as I can -- not that that is a lot yet. For myself, I like hosted application like Wikis, Gradebooks, etc, so will be interested to read of your experiences.

I found this site mentioned on

Cheers, Michael
Hi, I'm Randy Rivers. I am a school district superintendent in Kansas. I learned about Classroom 2.0 at the Mid-America Technology Institute in Bonner Springs, KS last week. I'm going to teach a junior high class titled 21st Century Skills this upcoming school year. I'd be interested in hearing from people teaching a similar topic. I'd love to share ideas.
Hi all--I'm a newbie here, from the United States, New York State specifically. I am a former ELA teacher and currently a staff development and curriculum coordinator for Erie 1 BOCES. I'm looking forward to getting to know this site and some of you as the days unfold. Please feel free to stop by my blog and say hello:
Hi! I'm Amy, from Winthrop, Maine. I'm switching this year from 6th grade math and reading to 8th grade math (algebra, pre-algebra) and reading. I've been using moodle, some wikis, a personal blog, and other technology in classes, and I'll be using NoteShare and others this year. I'm hoping to make them all work well together; right now, there are so many options, it can seem a bit unwieldy at times! Looking forward to participating more here; I've been here for a few weeks, but I keep ending up too busy to spend much time here. Hope that will change!
I'm Jennifer from Fredericksburg, Virginia. I teach British and American lit at a small private school. We've had a 1:1 Upper School laptop program for about six years.
Hello All.

My name is Colette Cassinelli and I am a high school computer teacher at private Catholic high school in Beaverton, Oregon. I have over 20 years of teaching experiences in grades K-12. I just completed by Master’s of Arts in Educational Technology at Pepperdine University.

My passion is learning new things. I love to read, travel, listen to music and talk! I share my wonderful life with my husband and two teenage sons.

I am always on the lookout for great web resources and teaching ideas to use in my high school computers class. I teach Computer Applications, Newspaper/Web Design, Graphic Design, and Digital Video Production. Please check out my blog at

Twitter: ccassinelli

Skype: colette.cassinelli

AIM: ccass06
My name is Sasha, and it's a nick name for Alexander Kouznetsov, or "Sasha from Russia".
I live in US for 12 years now. Back in '95 I came here from Russia - to be closer to the Internet revolution. My background is Math and Computer Science, R&D and PhD. Started at University at age of 16. I always appreciated education and teachers. The passions - "ideas generator", software and piano.

I'm here to contribute. One of my projects - Spresent was picked up by on-line education community to make Web 2.0 educational presentations. I can help with, or we can work on some new ideas.

I'm very interested in "Education 2.0" and Mind Maps for education and presentations.
Hello everybody, I am Anne Mirtschin from south eastern Australia. I teach IT in a small rural school of 300 students which has prep -12 students (both primary and secondary). Have taought for 20 years or so and my classes range from grade 3 through to year 12. I am really interested in digital video production including animations and although I have only started web 2.0, just love it and want to go much further with it. I have now started looking at podcasting with grade 6s and year 10s. I would love to share our area with others once we get going with these podcasts as a form of virtual excursion. Travelling is also a passion of mine.
I am Glen Westbroek from the state of Utah in the United States of America. I am entering my 23rd year as a professional educator. I enjoy being on the brink of what is new and interesting in technology. Most of the staff at my school think I'm a geek (and I'm glad to think they may be right.) I teach science in grades 7-9 and try to incorporate technology into every aspect of my classes that I can.
I am John Johnston class teacher at Sandaig Primary in Glasgow, Scotland (UK). I am an enthusiastic user of blogging and podcasting in my class. I've been involved in a few international projects with other schools. I blog at John @ Sandaig Primary. I like making simple mashups and web 2 in general.
My favourite words are recursion and serendipity.
:-). So, is there such a thing as recursive serendipity?
I hope so, I am always looking for it;-)



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