Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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Hi all, My name is Ed Hitchcock, and I am a science teacher and school administrator in Toronto. This site was one of many discussed at a presentation by one of the hosts here, Konrad Glogowski. Thanks Konrad! I am looking forward to learning more about, and from, the Classroom 2.0 community.
Hi, Ed, and Welcome,

I am a retired teacher in Virginia, and I spend my time making webpages full of resources and links for teachers and students. Science was my weakest area, and I've been beefing it up the past month. I don't know what level you teach at. What I have so far will be more useful in elementary classes than secondary. There are a number of teachers here and I'm sure you will find this a valuable resource.

I am a professional librarian, an online educator for Children/Young Adult Literature, a professional artist, a native Pennsylvanian, a Macintosh techie and user group president. I am also a professional artist who loves making unique artistic books. Most importantly I am a digital immigrant who loves this new digital world and can’t stop learning and relearning. The reason for my starting some blogs (in addition to the Book Pushin Cats from TriState Reviews blog) is to show my students (teachers) the wide variety of valuable tools available to them on the web today. I hope they come to realize that their classrooms do not have to be isolated when they can tap the world’s resources so easily.
I'm looking for information and how todos on the new Web2.0 tools. I'm also looking to share a lot of the information that I have accumulated over the years.
Here are my different websites:
My art website:
Books of Note for Middle and Young Adult Literature:
TriState blog:
My web2.0 blog BookPushinTechie:
I'm also working on some wikis for teaching children's and young adult literature.
Hi everyone! I am the founder of 3DLearn, the world's first fully accredited 3D school in the world. We have been at this now for over 8 years and we have taken VR educational theory into practice with students in grades 5-12. We have tried just about every application out there (SL, Croquet, Active Worlds,) to meet our educational goal which is applying constructivism in 3D to enhance distance learning.We have developed a large 3D campus now for educators and students and students actually create large immersive 3D worlds as part of their course studies. They attend class in 3D inside EduKaydia, (pronounced Ed-U-Kay-Dee-ah) our 3D environment The best news is that now, 3DLearn is ready to start offering educators a chance to bring in their own classes should they care to do their own projects. We have learned a lot of lessons along the way and we continue to evolve. The point being is that this is not just a what if. We have an entire program with "real" students based solely on 3DLearn concept We are developing all the time which is a premise of our educational technology. We evolve and so do the students themselves. I hate to admit it but it feels like I have been working in a bit of a bubble being such a champion to this concept and now the pendulum is swinging back around to where we want to empower teachers to spread the excitement we see in students' eyes. Most of you teachers probably know what I am talking about when I say that new technologies are not always embraced by the educational community. You have to really prove the concept first and show the educational merits, benefits and goals first. Looking forward to talking with you all!
Hello, I am Bill Gaskins. I am an instructional technology coach at Carvers Bay Middle School near Georgetown, SC. Georgetown is located between Myrtle Beach and Charleston SC along the coast. Visit my blog at
Hello! My nameis Becky Timberlake, and I am a 2nd year high school English teacher in Kansas. I'm always looking for new ways to use technology to keep my students excited and engaged. I am looking forward to being a part of and participating in this community!
Hi Kelly

I am a social studies teacher who found my motivation in the results I have achieved with technology, in particular, podcasting. I have created a website to be used by anyone to share my podcasts. Feel free to use it or pass the concept along.

My at risk kids are now successful with the help of this!

Sue P. aka the Maze
I was a classroom teacher for 34 years and am presently a consultant providing professional development.. You might be interested in the Web 2.0 classroom examples found at and at
Great links! Thanks. My "twit" for today was how cool it was to have my students clammering to get to my site and to the podcast to study for their next test! iPods in hand, they download and study! It is amazing to see the difference when we use technology which is familiar to our students. My job has become really rewarding as I am reaching so many more kids this way!

It has been a good day!

I am a mathematics teacher teaching grade 9 and 10 students ,in India. I am exploring new ways of teaching my subject. I have created many blogs,podcast house and experimenting on e learning strategies. Glad to be a part of this community.
Hi Rashmi,

Welcome to Classroom 2.0! It's nice to have a voice here from outside of North America. I am sure that you will bring a unique perspective to many discussions.

I'm sure there are many teachers here who would like to learn more about the projects that you've initiated. It would be wonderful if you could share some of the links.

Also, be sure to check out specific interest groups and threads that might be of interest to you as a math teacher:

Creatively teaching math through technology - Classroom 2.0

Different Way of Learning Math - Classroom 2.0

Equation Apps - Classroom 2.0

There are, of course, many more. Also, feel free to start your own thread or a group.

Contact me if you need any assistance navigating this community.


- Konrad
Thanks Konard for your words. My class blog URL is and podcast house URL is

I am exploring this site and will surely add my drop of knowledge. It is like a vast ocean.




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