Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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Thank you Anne. I've had a look at Chatback and it is a very encouraging project. I think I may see what people in the forum have to say. The problem in the UK ( as I'm sure you're aware) is that so many schools are simply blocking social networking spaces Facebook, MySpace, Bebo etc. The majority of young people are not getting anu opportunities to be taught how to get the most out of these exciting environments!
Hi everyone! My name is Caroline O'Bannon and I'm in Winder (that's wind like what you do to a toy + er) Georgia. I feel like I'm coming in a little late to the game, but I'm excited about what Web 2.0 has to offer for the students in my school district!
Not at all, Caroline,

You have come in right on time. Tell us about yourself.

Good afternoon, folks.
My name is Karmyn Lucescu.
I'm not an educator, but I work very closely with educators worldwide.
I'm a Canadian girl who's flown south (to New Jersey!), and I love my job!
Hi Karmyn,

Welcome to Classroom 2.0 from a fellow New Jerseyian!

Please feel free to join a conversation or start your own. It sounds from the love of your job and work with teachers that you could contribute a great deal to Classroom 2.0. It is the varied wealth of backgrounds, experiences, and professions that make our community here such a great and valuable resource.

The right-side navigation bar is full of tools, subjects, and areas that can be great springboards to finding "past" conversations and shared resources. You can also find discussions and other community member artifacts through a keyword search using the box in the upper, right-hand corner of each page.

Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions. Thanks for joining Classroom 2.0!

My name is James Brauer, I'm a special education teacher and new online leaning community moderator. I have been developing my own social networking and learning community, with the intent that my students, parents, fellow teachers and administrators will participate.

I look foward to learning from many skilled and talented professionals in this community.

Please feel free to participate in my own community and make much needed suggestions/opinions so my own community can become that much more effective and powerful.

I also have launched a learning community recently. This is a great place to introduce others to your work!

Good Luck!

Sue P. aka The Maze
Greetings from the now frozen north-- winter came to Maine this morning with December. I am Jenifer Van Deusen, currently curriculum coordinator in a small school district. I love learning - especially learning with and from others, using the tools available on web 2.0. Congratulations on a great site-- I am looking forward to getting to know you all!
Welcome aboard---I've been hanging around here since summer and have learned a lot. What I like is the immediate feedback. Calls for help, ponderings and questions can langiush for months on a personal blog but around here someone will jump in with opinions or suggestions immediately. Feel free to look around, then put your feet up and enjoy. N.
Hi All. I'm a high school English teacher in New Jersey. I teach Humanities II which is an interdisciplinary course that combines 10th grade American history (1920-present) and American literature. I also teach Journalism 1 and 2 and advise the school newspaper. I've used blogs in my classes for about four years and my newspaper staff also uses one to communicate with one another. I look forward to the conversation and opportunities for collaboration.

Hi Tom,

You're the second New Jerseyian that I've welcomed this week. I live in the southern part of the state.

Your Humanities course sounds really interesting. Please don't hesitate to share your experiences about blogging in your classes. There are certainly opportunities to collaborate on this topic and many more here. The sharing of information is one of the things that makes Classroom 2.0 such a great place.

Should you have any questions about Classroom 2.0, please let me know.


Welcome! I am a secondary social studies teacher in New York also teaching US History. You will find this a great resource! I have recently launched a learning community site and Classroom 2.0 has helped me fine tune many of my ideas and approaches! I am also seeking collaborative projects!

Sue P.



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