Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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Thank you! 

My name is Tina Sherrill and I am a technology integration specialist (media and curriculum) in Northwest Iowa US. We are 1:1 in Grades 5-12. I support the classroom teachers in this public school endeavor and continually sing its praises. I have taught classes at all grade levels, K-College, and am most interested in the use of digital resources/applications to enable students of any age to work in their areas of interests and strengths with passionate, caring instructor/mentors.

Tyler, great work you have done at a very tender age- i am sure you will invent something

Hello everyone! I'm a K-12 band director in South Louisiana commonly known as Cajun Land. I'm currently completing a Masters in Administration and Supervision and doing an administration internship at an elementary school. I'm always interested in broadening my knowledge of Web 2.0 and technology integration in the classroom and so far Classroom 2.0 has been well worth it!


I am Brahim Montasir.I have been  teaching  English for 16 years to upper secondary school students.I am here to develop  professionally  and share my experience with other colleagues world wide.

Hello everyone, I am Rheanna and from North Eastern British Columbia, Canada.  I hope to meet other teachers, gather ideas for the classroom and to collaborate with teachers from around the world.

Hi everybody, I am Pedro from Chile. English Teacher as a second language. Finishing the school year and preparing myself for summer holidays. I´ll be back on March to start the school year at the Adventist school in Rancagua. I´m looking forward to hear from you. Like to practice my english live.

This year we celebrated 200 years as an independent country and we started on February with a big Earthquake, then On September we celebrated the Independence day. On August fifth we had the 33 miners traped in Copiapó. Finally at the end of November we had a bus accident that left several people dead.

I teach English from 5th to 8th grade.

My best regards


Hi Pedro,

You've certainly had a very eventful year in Chile!  I can tell you that the whole world held its breath as the work proceeded to rescue the miners in Copiapó.


Your 7th and 8th graders might enjoy writing about Chile for Cyberteen.  Most of the participation comes from teachers just like you who teach English as a second language.


Janet Banrstable

Global Virtual Classroom

Program Manager

Hello Pedro from Chile.

That's quiet a plate full to digest. I pray your experience in America brings you happiness and a rewarding education. Best, Doug Wallace 

Hi Everyone,

My name is Amy Hollinger and I have been in the education world for about 16 years working as a classroom facilitator, school based administrator, high school coach, professional development facilitator or whatever other hat I was asked to wear. The last ten years I was at a k-12 developmental research school attached to the University of Florida. My passions include equity issues in education, project based learning and multi age environments. This year I am on a leave of absence from UF and working with a small 4th-12th grade school on the panhandle of Florida in it's second year with students. The emphasis here is on 21st century learning and students are given the freedom of a total open access environment. I am writing my dissertation focusing on a virtual model of PBL that can be transferred into any type of school. Check out this quick video about the school if you want to know more about what this year in my life is like:


Very excited to be connecting to the classroom 2.0 community!



Hi All,

Here is Gbenga from Lagos Nigeria.

Just joined the network today and showing myself around. :) 

I am a social medial consultant, and opened to collaboration. 


I am from the Cape Verde Islands in West Africa. I came to the US in pursuit of a higher education, given that, when I completed high school in 1990, there wasn’t a single university or community college in Cape Verde.

I completed my BS, MS, and PhD in Electrical Engineering at Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University (FAMU) in Tallahassee, Florida.

Although my background is engineering, I have a zeal for teaching. I am currently an Assistant Professor in the Department of Electronic Engineering Technology at FAMU.

One of my research interests therefore is in the area of education. I am currently working on a research project intended to provide online educational assistance (Online Tutoring) to students enrolled in STEM courses throughout the FAMU campus.




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