Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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My name is Renee and I'm a high school teacher in California. I teach entirely online and also train the online teachers in my district.

I'm interested learning from everyone!

Hi Renee,

Thanks for your reply. If you are teaching online, you might find bibkosh a useful platform to upload and share your documents. Since the application is currently in beta phase, there are still some bugs, but they will all be fixed by the end of the year.

Do sign up and use it. If you have any questions/suggestions, you can always write to me at
I'm Violeta A. Vega, a Ph.D. graduate major in Management. Presently, I'm the Vice President for Academic Affairs of Divine Word College of Calapan, the only higher education institution in Oriental Mindoro, Philippines run by missionaries of the Society of the Divine Word. I'm a Flexible Learning tutor in DepEXcels program of SEAMEO INNOTECH and our lessons for principals are done online. I'm also an author of professional books in teacher education.
Hi, I am Pablo Benvenuto, caring father and founder. I am hoping to help teachers succeed in their jobs and have fun at the same time. Any feedback on my site will be extremely appreciated.

Best Regards and Happy Holidays from Phoenix, AZ
Hi - I'm an educational manager in a Danish school. I did a Master of IT and my master thesis was about "web 2.0 in formal learning", which is my special area of interest. - And I'm looking for som great examples of using web 2.0 media in a formal learning context and most interesting: how it contributed to the pedagogic practise and learning.
My name is Jonathan and I live in the Witch City(Salem, MA). I've been teaching for 18 years in elementary. Six of those years were as an Instructional Technology Specialist. Unfortunately due to budget constraints technology jobs were the first eliminated so now I am in a regular ed classroom. Also, I am currently enrolled in a CAGS program for educational leadership. One day I hope to be an elementary school principal.

My action research paper my CAGS is on Using Web 2.0 tools to help students become better writers. I hope that through this website I will be able to find a lot of research/articles about the use and effectiveness of Web 2.0 tools in literacy.
Hello everyone. My name is Edward Weiss. I've been teaching piano online for over 10 years now and am delighted to have found this site. I know Ning recently introduced a membership model so I'm surprised to see this site is free.

Basically, I do for piano what Natalie Goldberg does for writing. My site is at Feel free to drop by and say hi.

Warmest wishes,
Hi everyone! I'm Angela and I work as an education counselor for teachers, to help them find the right opportunities in their higher education. I began my teaching career working with preschoolers. You can see more of what I do here: I'm new to Classroom 2.0 but I already love the forums and reading the replies to hot topics that some of you are posting. Kudos to those who created this site, for a product well done.
My name is Crystal. I am an ITRT (instructional technology resource teacher) in Virginia. I am fairly new to this position. I was an elementary classroom for about 9 years and now work mainly with teachers, helping and teaching them about available technology in the classroom. It has been quite an adjustment (I miss having students!). I live in a very rural area and we are lucky to have the technology we do have-Smart Boards, Turning Point, document cameras, a variety of on-line programs, slates, etc. Many teachers are VERY resistant to using technology! I look forward to checking things out here :)
Hi everyone. Marianne from Houston, Texas. I have taught 3-5 Math/Science and am currently the Special Education Software Specialist for our district. We just went to an inclusive environment for our kiddo's. Is anyone else 'inclusive' what have been some positivies or negatives. Also, being the technology person - what technology were you using with your students. Thanks...
Just joined up the other day. I'm a fourth grade teacher at Dennett Elementary in Plympton, MA.

I'm really excited to learn and share different ways to incorporate technology into the classroom. Hope to be taking part in many discussions here!
Greetings from Atlantic Canada... the province of Prince Edward Island. I am a parent, social media consultant and advocate for educational technology in the school system on our tiny Island with a population of 140,000.



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