Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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I am a fourth grade teacher out of Norfolk, VA. I've been teaching for 12 years. I'm interested in moving towards an increased use of web tools in my classroom.
Hey y'all, I am Jeanae Graves in Enterprise, Alabama. I am the Elementary Technology Support Interventionist. New position this year. I absolutely love my job! I have VISIONS of what I would like to see happening, but we have to take it one step at a time! Looking for ways to increase interest in using the technology in awesome ways. Looking for ways to get teachers interested in their Smartboards for what it can truly do. (Instead of a projector screen) I have been teaching for 16 years.
Welcome Jeanae! I would love your job! I am also a huge fan of technology, but I do agree with you in the sense that we will have to take it one step at a time. What do you like the most about your job?
Greetings Everyone! My name is Erica Paproski and I am currently enrolled at the University of Regina, Regina SK, Canada in my last two months of elementary education. I am really excited to be done post-secondary and cannot wait to get out into the real world to learn and develop into the professional that I want to be. Nice to meet you all!
Hi Erica,nice to meet you .I want to share you to develop myself too.thanks
Hello! I joined this site a few years back but i lost track of it in my millions of bookmarks! So I'm going to reintroduce myself!

I'm Anne Gorman, I am a tech coordinator, computer instructor prek- 6 grade. I also spend a lot of time facilitating technology integration for the teachers at my school.

I'm in Jacksonville, Florida at St. Mark's Episcopal Day School.
Hello, all! Sharon West, Educational Consultant, and, at the moment, Instructional Facilitator in Summit, NJ. Looking forward to sharing ideas and collaborating here!
Hey everyone. I am the Coordinator of Teacher Programs at MoMA. Looking forward to connecting with the community and sharing information and resources. We had a great workshop here last week in collaboration with Art21 that focused on Contemporary Art. There were local, national and international teachers in attendance which allowed for a great conversations and sharing of ideas. When I am not teaching about art, I can be found cycling and luckily the weather here in NYC is getting better!
Hello all. I am Kamisah from Singapore. Heard about classroom 2.0 at a recent ICT conference. I teach English to 16 year-olds. Really happy to be here. :-)

I'm glad to stay in this site...

I'm a system developer and at the same time I teach this techniques to other peoples in my city. Actually I'm working in "techniques to increase programming level's using videogames" Java, C++ and .NET plataforms...I want to colaborate with other people to share experiences...

My city: Holguín
My country: Cuba

PD: Sorry about my English...
Hello, I'm Gillian Ryan from San Diego, CA. I teach at the PRIDE Academy at Prospect Avenue School. This year I have 5th graders. This is our first year with a school- wide PBL focus. I look forward to connecting and bouncing ideas around.
Hi everyone. My name is Zhan Yi, a postgraduate student East China Normal University, major in learning sciences. I learned how to teach computer at undergraduate level and have taught computer in a junior high school as a student for two months. My research interest is technology integration and teachers' knowledge of it. Glad to be here!



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