Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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Hello All,
Ronda McWhortor here from sunny Phoenix, Arizona. I teach IB/AP Literature at the high school level and have a passion for Shakespeare and British Lit. I am trying to get a handle on all the web technology available and look forward to sharing with you.
Hi, everyone. I'm Monica Birchall Bicudo. I am from Brazil. I live right in the middle of the country in a state called Mato Grosso , like you in North America, we have many big states, 27 altogether. Mato Grosso is one of the biggest. We grow cotton, soya beans and raise cattle. I´m glad to be here. I´m an English teacher and right now I fwwl the need to know more on how to use technology in the classroom. I love challenge and diving into new experiences.
Hello everyone, Almut Haboeck, Masters student in Instructional Technology with a background in the arts (I studied art history before and have worked in the art world for many years.) I am originally from Austria and grew up in Germany. I am glad to be here (thanks for the link, Jeff.)
I am especially interested in learning management systems, especially open source LMSs. If anyone has experience with such systems (Moodle, ATutor, blackboard, D2L), I am curious to hear about your experience.
Hi. I'm John Lustig from Ziebarth Area Learning Center, Le Sueur, MN. It is encouraging to find this valuable resource.
Hello Classroom 2.0 members,
I am a technology teacher and media director for a rural K-5 school in Wyoming. I am currently finishing up a Master's Degree in Educational Technology and Graduate Certificate in Technology Integration K-20 at Boise State (great school!!!) online. I try to use all free web-based or "FOSS" software in my technology classes. I feature many free resources for teachers on my website I am always eager to learn how other educators are using Web 2.0 technologies. I am excited to be a member of Classroom 2.0 and hope to become an active participant.
Ciao. My name is Victor and I'm a Technology Curriculum Coordinator in Los Angeles, California. One of my primary duties is working with our faculty to integrate technology into the curriculum, where it's appropriate and where it fits well with learning goals. Although I work primarily with faculty, the focus remains upon student learning and providing our students with ample opportunities for using technology in ways that enhance their understanding. We're beginning to think about the pros and cons about a 1:1 laptop program and if anyone is beginning the process, or is in the first year or two of the process, or has been a laptop school for a while and has tips to offer as we begin to look at its feasibility, I would really appreciate your comments. Thanks in advance for the exchange.
Hi all, I'm a graduate student, interested in Educational Technology, Computing eduaction and Teacher Education. I'm taking an online communities class this semester and would like to study this site as my class project.

My name is Paul Curtis and I am the Chief Academic Officer for the New Technology Foundation which is a school development organization helping districts build schools better designed for today's social and economic needs. Our model is based on the original New Technology High School in Napa, California and we now have 39 schools in our network. We expect to start between 10-12 new schools this summer. The schools are all public schools managed by their local districts.
Hello my name is Herlina Surbakti, I am from Jakarta, Indonesia. I teach Indonesian Studies at the Jakarta International School. In my spare time I trained the Indonesian teachers. I am glad I am in this community, I know I will learn a lot from all of you.
Hi Herlina

My name is Stacey Kelly and I am teaching here in Australia - one the of the teachers I work with teaches Indonesian to year 7/8 students. We are looking at collaborating with schools in Indonesia using webcams, skype, wikis and so forth etc. Wouldn't it be great if these students regularly were engaging with some of your students exchanging cultures, languages and so forth. I was wondering if you would be interested in exploring this concept further?
You can contact me via this forum or by direct email
Born and raised in the Midwest as a Norwegian Lutheran son of a 4th grade teacher, I am now living in the Twin Cities of Minnesota, raising awareness of Web 2.0 tools with teachers and raising two boys.
Hi! I'm a 20 year teacher in a rural Indiana HS. I am continually trying something new...which can be exhausting! This is my first year setting up moodle sites for my courses and learning new ways to use them to facilitate learning..not just make my life easier.

A recent workshop introduced to me the idea of webtools 2.0, classroom 2.0. My eyes are opened! Thanks to 5 snow days in the last month, I've had extra time to search and browse, including this site. I can't wait to figure out what to learn next.

I am a father of 2, a husband of 1, a feeder of 2 cats, and a coach of about 14 cross country runners.



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