Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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Amy Smyers in State College, PA. I'm a middle/high school business/computer teacher ready to try and really open up technology in my classroom and school district!
I'm a high school library media specialist from Connecticut. I am currently teaching a pilot Web 2.0 class online to a small group of students who go to my school. I am always looking for the newest and best way to introduce them to Web 2.0 applications and innovations. I am at that there are others here who are also teaching courses in Web 2.0 that want to share.

On another note, some of the teachers at my school are open and willing to try new ways to deliver their curriculum. We have quite a few teachers using wiki's, some blogging and others who are having students make glogster posters for a variety of reasons. We have teachers using Voicethread as well. I am always looking for the next best thing to share with them.
Greetings! I'm Brandon Hunter from Frisco, Texas. I'm a technology integration facilitator for two elementary schools.
I am a High School teacher from Colfax CA. I am interested in using Ning in place of web portfolios or perhaps in conjunction with. I want students to document their learning in a variety of areas using multimedia. I want to use the site as a place to give feedback, for students to network and give feedback and ultimately determine a grade. I currently use web pages for this and do all the posting myself, this I know is not in step with web 2.0 and I need guidance on how to reconcile the safety issue for my students and their parents. I am ready is public education?
Greetings from Waubonsee College in Aurora IL, I run a technology department dedicated to Adult Education students (GED prep, Literacy, English as a Second Language, Workplace etc.) We have about 1500 students per semester that use the labs for everything from pre-test prep to skill enhancement. We even have a small number of adults who are challenged by things like blindness,stroke and other disabilities. We've been a state model for technology in education since 1995,(which is soooooooooo last century), but work to keep up with the newest trends and techniques. Although we have our own student population,we provide our classroom instructors with professional development training and assistance with questions that usually start with 'How can I ...' and end up with 'Really, that's all it takes?' I also work with outside K-12 schools, colleges and universities to develop Web 2.0 competencies and other in-service.
Being an ed-tech 'pioneer' I've seen all phases of technology development, but the one consistent challenge is getting the information TO the providers. No matter which decade, the common thread is that technology takes commitment and more importantly, time. The next level of concern is support, both from IT and administration. I believe education has a long way to go, but forums such as Classroom 2.0 are a great service. I enjoy this community. Cheers!
Up until recently I worked in a upper secondary school, teaching media and communication here in Norway. I have however had some increasing health problems these last few years, and was diagnosed with FMS a while ago. It turns out I cannot work in a classroom envirement any longer. I had been looking into new methodes of teaching already, now seems to be the time to take this to the next step, and create a job for myself working online, teaching from home.
Hi! I am the Instructional Technology Coordinator for a small suburban district in southeastern Wisconsin. We moved here from Virginia 10 years ago and I still have my southern accent! I I am excited about the opportunities I have for teachers to learn about and implement Web 2.0 into their teaching and learning.

I currently have 14 teachers from the district enrolled in a graduate class on Digital Media (really Web 2.0). We are using a ning as the course foundation. A great way to communicate, collaborate and share.

I am happy to have found this resource!
My name is Karen Ortiz and I'm an Instructional Technology Specialist at a High School in South Carolina, USA! Our district is now in it's fifth year of a one to one laptop iniative. I heard about your site while @ the SC EdTech conference a week a go and have spent LOTS of my time here!
One of my favorite things to do is to share innovative ideas with my teachers that allow them to integrate more technology into their curriculum while engaging the students more!

My main purpose here is to find/research those ideas and then to share them with my over burdened teachers. I don't mind doing this kind of work for them!
Hello world.

I am a technology coordinator and math teacher from King Low Heywood Thomas School in Stamford, CT
Hi all. Gail Conschafter from Grand Island, NY, a stone's throw from Niagara Falls. Glad to be here and hope to gain more information about Web Tools 2.0.... so exciting!
Welcome aboard, be careful....this place is addicting, you'll find tons of neat ideas.
Hello to everyone. Brian Kingbird here from Fort Mill, SC. I am currently working on a Master's in Education at Winthrop and look forward to learning new stuff from current History teachers in the field.



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