Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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Hi All! My name is Renny, from New York City. I just attended a webinar with Will Richardson and Edutopia this evening, and he mentioned this site. He talked about how this is an awesome way of getting started in becoming part of a community of educators.
I taught Kindergarten for 4 years, Fourth Grade for 3 years, Fifth Grade for 2 years, and now this is my 3rd year teaching Computers/Technology. My goal is to try to get all of our teachers on board with integrating technology into their teaching.
There's definitely a big investment in time in terms of building or tweaking lessons to incorporate technology, but I think it's an investment that can reap huge rewards in our students' learning.
I'm interested to know how teachers are making the shift in teaching with technology, especially in the elementary schools. So much time is invested into preparing for standardized assessments, leaving so little time for project-based learning... :(
Oooops... I think I overextended my intro. just a bit... Thanks for listening! ;)
Welcome, Renny. I also saw Will Richardson in person and his comments about what and how we teach changed my whole outlook on lessons. You summed it up when talking about the time investment. Yes, technology takes time but it is so worth it. It's hard to know what our students will need 5 to 10 years from now since technology and the world are changing so quickly. The more we have our students use technology now, the better equipped they'll be for their futures. At least that's my opinion.
Welcome aboard, I'm sure you'll learn a lot around here. A lot of smart people have a lot of good ideas.
Hi every one I am Muralidharan.from Chennai, Tamilnadu India. I am CEO & Correspondent of Veera Savarkar Netaji Matriculation school. I am very interested in learning about the latest technology and in turn give it to my students. Looking forward to colloborating with you in many projects.
we have a Polycom video conference equipment . We participated in a Video conference project with NASA, Astronaut Tom Beson, took class for our students about SPACE SHUTTLE.

Best wishes to all
Muralidharan [ muraliv ]
Hello Everyone, My name is Mark Potoshnik and I am a re-entry student at the University of Washington-Bothell. Just outside of Seattle. I am currently working on my Masters in Education and secondary credentials in Social Studies and History. I enjoyed reading your introductions. I look forward to learning and sharing with this network of teachers as I prepare to enter the classroom on the other side of the desk.
I've seen some outstanding Social Studies/History projects using Web 2.0 tools. Let me know if you are interested in seeing them and I will try to track down the links. N.
Hello everyone! My name is Shaunna, and I live in Washington. I am teaching 7th grade math. I am currently a part of a cadre in our district working to integrate technology into our classroom and teaching, which is how I learned about this site.
Hello! My name is Celeste and I live and work in Cincinnati, Ohio. I have a wonderful husband and two wonderful teen agers (yes, teen agers). I am a second grade teacher who loves learning about and using technology in new ways to help students learn. I'm looking forward to reading and participating in this site and learning how educators and students around the world are using and sharing technology.
Hi everyone, I'm an Assistive Technology Consultant working in Canada. I support teams in choosing and using vision, communication, access, literacy and numeracy software and hardware. As well as providing training, I develop print and video tutorials for our teams. I'm hoping to increase my experience with Web 2.0 tools and share online educational resources with my teams.

3 websites that I check daily are:
I am a Norwegian K-12 teacher with particular interest in social media and web 2.0 tools for educational uses. One of the reasons for me being here is that I am currently exploring the possiblity to use a Ning network to create a role play for our students so that they can act out historical persons like philosophers, authors, artists and scientists and so on from 1700 until today. The purpose is to make them aware of the influence these persons had in their lifetime and after, but just as important - how they were influenced by their own peers and the society at the time. The play will be acted out across the curriculum and involves several teachers, subjects and all the students in their final year, who numbers 180 - if it works out, that is!

I'm looking forward to learn from you all,
Best wishes,
Hi techies. Kathy Walsh here, from Foster, RI. I am a K-5 school Tech Coordinator, and interested in anything relating to that age group. According to new regulations, I will be required to bring in a curriculum to address internet safety, so I am looking for the best curriculum out there for that, as well as a safe social networking site that I can get to work for the kids with our content filter.



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