Students from different countries in a project should be able to collaborate and learn from each other. What are your proposals and experiences as to user-friendly modules that enable optimal interactions between students? Are there any recommendations?
I only know Skill2Skill

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The programming environment called SQUEAK ( includes objects which enable users to exchange their creations (ie.objects) in a virtual collaborative environment. Various students can be building objects which are then assembled into the finished 'program'.
Sholom, SQUEAK looks really interesting, have you tried it?
Hi, Hans,

Have a look at:

I'm looking at ti as far as multiple group blogs within a school, but I am sure that it could meet your needs,

Best Wishes,
Hi Hans, I'm trying out "Ecto is a hosted networked Personal Learning Environment (nPLE) that is focused on the student and is fully collaborative, where the learning content can be user-created, user-rated, shared and open."

Have opened a group there, under the name classroom20, in order to test the different tools. Anyone wishing to take a look - just go to, register and enter the Join code: classroom20

Here is a link to the ecto help page which explains the different functions far better than I could.
Very good question. I've been working with Moodle (see
and if you would like to have a look once the development website is set up
then you can see peer assessment, wikis and so on all being tracked and recorded
I noticed Google Docs is doing pretty amazing things in schools in the United States.



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