Which Social Bookmarking sites allow for grouping of bookmarks
into Folders or Categories or Groups? (Not tags)
One we found is "BuddyMarks".
Any more?

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Snipitron http://www.snipitron.com - allows to create different subjects and use tags, list owner can decide whether to allow others to add to the list and/or add comments. Snipitron also supports languages other than English Here's my page http://www.snipitron.com/iteachr
In addition to tags, Diigo allows folders (which they call lists) and groups (which is for sharing bookmarks by many people)

Classroom 2,0 has a group there with over 500 members
Our network folks have the diigo sharing part shut down. Reason "you can get to porn that way". Do you use diigo with your kids? If so, how?
What I'd like is that no matter where a kid is (classroom, library, home) they can get to our classes bookmarks.

May I ask, why folders instead of tags?

Tags in things like Google Docs or del.icio.us work a lot like folders. You just put in, or select, the name of the tag and everything with that tag shows up, just like it would if you opened that folder.

Just curious. :)
By using folders you are able to have an heirarchy of levels. This helps locate what you are looking for in an organized way. I have over 1,000 bookmarks already and every time I need to locate one from a year or more prior it is hard to find it when only using tags. Folders give me an organized way of searching. Also, I haven't found tags easy to sort for a specific tag. I can sort all tag names but not within a tag name. Folders would enable me to order my tagged list.
I use both Furl and Delicious. Furl allows you to categorize links and keeps a copy of the web page which is useful if a site ceases to exist!

Many schools are filtering furl because students are using the copy of the web page to get around filtering.
I use LinkaGoGo for bookmarks that I use with my students. It is primarily organized through folders, but tags can also be added to make searching for entries easier. Last year one of my schools used a LinkaGoGo page for the homepage in the browser. It had links that much of the school used, and teachers could request that more links be added to their section. LinkaGoGo (and folders in general) works very well for elementary students who can't deal with an overwhelming amount of text and are still learning their way around a keyboard.
I checked this out. I, too, think folders work better for elementary kids. I use ikeepbookmarks but have been looking around for a more stable folder based social bookmarking system. I checked out the forums for linkagogo and there seems to be a lot of stability issues. Do you find this a problem, too? I also want to find a system that has folder specific RSS feeds or an RSS feed that would incorporate all the folders I set up. That is, I want to know when any of my students add links to any folders. I didn't see any RSS feed options on linkagogo. Do you know of any?
I haven't needed to use RSS with linkagogo, but I poked around for a few minutes and didn't seem to find any links that would allow me to use it if I wanted to. Linkagogo is not as stable as I would like it to be, but it is not too bad. I think last school year it spent a total of around 3 days out of order. The guy who runs the site had something nasty happen to one of his domain names, so the .com version was down for quite a while, but it was simple to switch to his .net domain. I think that was the biggest problem last year, otherwise it was periodically an hour here or there. Does that seem better than ikeepbookmarks? If not, I should check it out.
No, they seem one and the same really.
del.icio.us lets you make bundles of tags, and you can put the same tag into several different bundles. That makes it easier for visitors (& yourself if you have lots of tags) to find tags according to more broad categories. Here's an example: del.icio.us/themingway



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