We're approaching the end of the school year and I'd like my kids to be able to access their work/products/photos/videos/ **EVERYTHING** of importance to them that currently lives on their computers. I want them to be able to access this stuff from whatever platform they use at home or the library (PC or Mac or whatever).

What are your suggestions to where we could uploading? We have MacBooks and I don't think they'll be wanting to store more than about 1 gig apiece. We did have a stand-alone server set up, but for reasons I don't want to go into here, it's not currently available for this. We were using Picassa for photos, but using the district's bandwidth, it takes a LONG time.

I'd like to have kids begin uploading Tuesday/Wednesday, as they're turning their laptops back in on Friday, so any/all suggestions will be welcome! (I'm not a tech teacher--just a teacher who's learning and having kids learn through 2.0 tools more than so many others, so I know I'm asking an elementary-level question)

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Can they bring in flash drives and back up to those? That might be the easiest alternative and doesn't raise any of the online issues with security, etc.



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