I have a teacher who wants to share you tube videos with her students. Does she need to have a connection to the internet inorder to view them once she has downloaded them?

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no, you can download the videos using keepvid.com. When they download they will come in .flv format. Then she can use VLC Media player (www.videolan.org) to play the .flv video or they can use a website such as zanmar.com or media-convert.com to convert the .flv to a mpeg or avi video that you can watch on windows media player. Once its downloaded no internet is needed.
You can chose to download as mp4
I use zamar as well. Really handy. You just put the URL of the youtube video in the website and choose the format you want.
I use Zamzar too. Word of warning, it sometimes takes hours to get your email with the code.
It says you can get them immediately if you register (free) but I've never gotten around to doing that.
I'm registered and sometimes it's the next morning when they show up. Just don't try for an emergency d/l with your morning coffee and expect it to be ready when you get to school. haha!
Really! - well, guess I won't bother registering! Thanks for the warning.
It works fine, just might not in an emergency situation!!
Nancy, it sounds as if you have first hand experience with the morning coffee disaster!

Since the email can take hours, I often start the conversion before I go to bed and then find the email the next morning.

Our tech guys bought a subscription to Zamzar. They tell me the longest they've waited is 10 minutes. I haven't checked into a subscription since I'm usually not in that big of a hurry.
Agree, after 25 years of using technology in the classroom I've become pretty patient!
Youtube is blocked at many of the schools in the US. Some schools allow teachers access but mine does not. We teachers still use youtube videos. We download them at home using zamzar, keepvid, or TubeTV for Macs. We then put them on a flash drive and bring them to school. VLC works great for playing the flv videos. Your teacher does not need to have Internet connection once she/he has downloaded the video.
No internet connection is needed to view the videos once they are downloaded.



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