Yesterday I created a free Voicethread Pro account at with a username(e-mail) of: and password: voicethread.
If anyone can go, log in and then upload an area picture from where you live with a comment that would be great! Trying to show the power of social networking as well as one way to use Voicethread to teachers here in Western New York. There have been quite a few so far. The first screen has a page with writing on it, if you click on it, then in the top left corner click and go to edit, you can then upload and comment.
Please give you name and the location of the pic.

Thanks for all your help,


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Can you post the link to your VT here?
Yes, no problem, it is at:
Have just added a couple from Australia...totally dodgy comments from me though!
Thanks Mobbsey. I appreciate it.
Did you say "dodgy'? Have a great weekend, thanks again.



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