Anyone using this? Can you share what ideas and projects you have used this for with students?

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Thanks, i have emailed Glogster, but know that I have also received great feedback here as well, so thought I would try both!
I had students run into this a month or two ago. Glogster was looking into it, but never gave me a resolution. As I looked into it a bit, I noticed it was happening to students who selected 'Unfinished' when Saving and Publishing. I told students to always select 'Finished', even if they were not finished (they can still edit the glog later). This seemed to keep the problem from happening. Hope this helps.
Thanks so much! We did tell the students to click "finished", but I know not all of them did. I will take a look and see if this is part of the problem. Thanks again!
Our recent "bugs" have been the result of incredible growth and usage. Some of problems mentioned can be resolved with clearing the browser's cache or changing browsers. We suggest saving early and often and along with the browser edits mentioned - typically the problem fixes itself. - Darcie contact me at and we may be able to troubleshoot your issues after I know a bit more about them!

Jim Dachos
Education Manager
What urls need to be unblocked on our school filter for the "GRAB" tool to work?

Dennis Grice
Orange, CA
I came across this by accident and intend to use it very soon. An earlier discussion shows samples of student work. I think it might be in the wiki section.

Just found the reference for the glogs about different countries.
As a high school teacher, I have used Glogster for education frequently in my classes. As a tech wizards coach I have used it with 2,3, & 4th graders. All with success. My students love the graphics, the ability to add sound, and embed Vokis and Blabbers. I have used it to visualize poetry assignments, create posters illustrating four methods of characterization in Macbeth, trace the etymology of a vocab word visually, and trace the plot mountain of a short story. I am including the link to my daughter's computer fair entry under mutimedia. She is in 3rd grade and this was the visualization of a review sheet for her social studies class. Her classmates used it for review prior to the test.

As a wiki user, I can tell you that a lot of my collegues use Glogster to really jazz up the plain jane free wiki pages and link to their other content in a creative way.

The learning curve is minimal for non natives.
Sorry, the link didn't make it....
I've used Glogster in my health class. I had students make posters regarding drug use. Some of them were very creative, others, not so much. Make sure you sign up and use the Education version of Glogster ( The content is filtered and there are some very helpful account management tools for teachers.
I have just used it with a group of 6th grade students for them to display knowledge of wetlands. They were required to have a title, 2 pictures, a video, three facts and a "more info" link. None of the students (nor the teacher) were familiar with Glogster. I had set up their student accounts in the edu version. The students really enjoyed working with this and can't wait to be able to make one about something "non-school".
Hi! We've been using Glogster (not the education version) for a grade 12 project (a visual essay) dealing with "man's inhumanity to man" as a response to Lord of the Flies. As a result the students have covered some fairly dark subjects like genocide, etc. The glogs have been kept private. Today, however, after saving their completed work, several students were unable to find it again. The glogs had disappeared. So, any thoughts? Could they have been removed?



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